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Grisham, other legal novelists among authors suing OpenAI for using their copyrighted work

Several legal novelists, including John Grisham and Scott Turow, are among 17 authors joining with the Authors Guild in a proposed class action lawsuit against the artificial intelligence program OpenAI.

So you were convicted of killing someone who’s still alive—now what?

Many installments of this column have focused on true-crime documentaries examining murder convictions and the legal process and “evidence” that led to them. While those series or stand-alone shows are undoubtedly intriguing, we always seem to be left with the same conclusion: Even if the defendant didn’t kill the person, the person is still dead. But what if we were presented with a situation in which someone was convicted for the murder of a person who was subsequently found alive and well?

The Real Jerry Maguire: An interview with sports agent and lawyer Leigh Steinberg

How often, I ask Leigh Steinberg, do people say to you, “Show me the money?” “How about every day?” he responds without a second of hesitation. The phrase was cemented into pop culture lexicon by its use in Jerry Maguire, the 1996 film starring Tom Cruise as a sports agent, telling the story of his relationship with the profession and one particularly demanding football player-client.

A Great Escape: Fugitives and prison cruelty throughout cinematic history

I subscribe to quite a few news apps on my iPhone. I like to get my information regarding U.S. and world events from multiple sources, and feel that if I vary the input sources, there is less chance I’ll fall victim to the self-imposed echo chambers so many of us live in these days.

Stamp honoring Justice Ginsburg will be available in October

The U.S. Postal Service will soon unveil its new stamp honoring the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which celebrates “her groundbreaking contributions to justice, gender equality and the rule of law.”

Kentucky litigator has hot TikTok takes on Bama Rush

As sorority rush week played out at the University of Alabama, the world watched. In August, the hashtag #bamarush reached 3.4 billion views on TikTok, Forbes reports. Brandis Bradley, an eastern Kentucky trial-lawyer-turned-social-media-influencer, watched too. She provided commentary on her TikTok channel.

Summer reading and back-to-law-school tips

It's time for The Modern Law Library's summer recommendations episode, in which host Lee Rawles shares her pop culture picks with you, plus a re-airing of one of our older episodes with current relevance.

Black lawyer alleges he was wearing handcuffs as judge pressed him to settle or produce documents

A Black lawyer who is a former pro football player has sued a Pennsylvania judge for allegedly ordering the lawyer’s arrest and having him hauled into court in shackles, where the lawyer was presented with a stark choice.

Surviving true crime—from the victims’ perspective

The Survivor Squad podcast introduces a topic that I haven’t encountered before: victims associating and empathizing with other victims about their status as victims. From my position, it’s compelling but somewhat biased.

Septuagenarian lawyer can beat both his clients’ criminal charges and a drum set

There are generally two reasons why people go to see Dan Monnat: They’re facing criminal charges or they enjoy live music. Monnat, co-founder and president of Monnat & Spurrier Chartered, a five-lawyer firm in Wichita, Kansas, is both an accomplished criminal defense lawyer and a musician who sings and plays drums for an R&B group called The House Band. Across his 47-year career, Monnat has achieved courtroom victories in cases ranging from murder to money laundering. But initially, he was a musician.

ABA entities help amplify the ‘court watch’ movement

The ABA is ramping up efforts to support a growing movement of court watchers. These are members of the public who observe bail hearings and other court proceedings and document the actions of judges and lawyers.


Many films and shows have imagined the future and how technology both helps and hurts society. When it comes to some parts of the legal system, it’s clear that the future is now.

‘A Trending Color’: Pink is a brand for Barbie-loving lawyer

An immigration lawyer who uses pink to brand her law firm says she was "elated" and "excited" when Inside Edition approached her for a story that compared her and her employees to the pink-loving Barbie featured in the new movie released July 21.

Meet Lawsuit Barbie: She’s been busy at Barbie’s courthouse

Barbie has been living in the real world for a long time. Because of the doll’s colossal success since its introduction in 1959, countless lawsuits have gone through the courts as the doll’s maker has sought to enforce its rights and protect her image.

Two-time Olympic cyclist turned ‘bicycle attorney’ talks about the road to bike law

On Sunday, some of the world’s greatest bicyclists will cross the finish line of the Tour de France. The grueling competition, covering 2,100 miles over three weeks, will end on Paris’ Avenue des Champs-Élysées. The cyclists will have a lot to contend with as they race on the city’s famed street. But lucky for them, that won’t include motorists.

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