Legal Writing

Asked and Answered

Linda Greenhouse and Jonathan Turley discuss the courts and the press (podcast with transcript)

Bryan Garner on Words

Bryan Garner offers a Magna Carta style guide


How lawyers can craft a case narrative to spark jurists’ and jurors’ interest

The Modern Law Library

All is not as it seems for 9th Circuit clerk in ATL founder’s new novel (podcast)

Women in the Law

Female law review authors are cited at a higher rate than men, study finds

Bryan Garner on Words

How are your punctuation skills? Try this comparison exercise to find out

ABA Journal

Voting opens for the 2014 Blawg 100

Bryan Garner on Words

Regaining the Joy of Reading

Crafting Stories

Shaping Your Legal Storytelling

Bryan Garner on Words

10 Tips for Better Legal Writing

U.S. Supreme Court

Clearly, justices don’t observe ban on the word ‘clearly’

Bryan Garner on Words

Stop: Before you hit ‘send’...

Your ABA

ABA Publishing puts growing emphasis on legal books that interest general audiences

Annual Meeting

Magna Carta should inspire lawyers to rise above partisanship, solve problems, chief justice says

Supreme Court Report

Supreme Court justices regularly seek to change the errors of their ways

Bryan Garner on Words

How to avoid mucking up the most crucial part of discourse

Crafting Stories

Stealing stories from the movies

The Modern Law Library

Growing up during BTK serial-killing spree informed author’s new crime novel (podcast)

Editor's Note

ABA Journal wins Magazine of the Year, best Web News Section at 2014 Azbee Awards

ABA Journal Podcast

Bryan Garner on legal neologisms and how ‘Black’s Law Dictionary’ keeps up (podcast with transcript)