Public Defenders

PD’s office says it can’t accept any more cases; ethics prof sees triage system

Animal Law

Lawsuit seeks to save chimp from solitary confinement

Criminal Justice

Judge accused of making false residency claim is convicted

Criminal Justice

Lawyer charged in incident at judge’s home was a crime victim minutes earlier, his counsel says

Civil Rights

Former police chief gets time, another takes plea for using stun gun on compliant inmates

Legal Ethics

Lawyer who bought detox shampoo for client is disbarred

Trials & Litigation

‘Angola Three’ prisoner to be tried a third time in guard’s death, despite district judge’s order

Legal Rebels Profile

Arthur Hunter Jr.: From cop to judge to fighting recidivism

Asked and Answered

How a program at an infamous prison helps inmates re-enter society (podcast with transcript)

Health Law

Planned Parenthood chapter sues Louisiana officials to block planned cuts in Medicaid funds

Criminal Justice

Anonymous ‘cyberbullying’ by prosecutors deprived cops of fair trial, 5th Circuit says


No evidence supports claim US magistrate was aware of husband’s affair with probe target, judge says

Legal Marketing

Lawyer is flattered by toddler’s obsession with his TV ads

Criminal Justice

Why the Louisiana movie theater gunman was able to buy a gun


Process server criminally charged for ‘slapped’ lawsuit gets civil rights case OK

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is disbarred for ‘social media blitz’ intended to influence custody case and top state court

Criminal Justice

A few DAs account for most death sentences, law prof finds; one calls for more ‘revenge’ executions

Constitutional Law

ACLU suit challenges Louisiana governor’s ‘marriage and conscience order’

Criminal Justice

Feds arrest 243 in record $712M health care billing-fraud bust


Private investigator pleads guilty to bribing DA staffers in exchange for favorable treatment