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Attorney Fees

Judge wants review of legal bills after firms reveal 9,000 hours of ‘inadvertent’ double-billed time

Criminal Justice

Top state court tells DAs to review 20,000 cases linked to lab scandal, decide which ones to toss

Law Schools

Harvard law dean will leave her post

Legal History

Lynching cold cases are re-examined as law students compile archive

Privacy Law

Massachusetts officials defend scans of driver’s licenses in hunt for wanted suspects

Trials & Litigation

The tables turn as Democratic attorneys general prepare to challenge Trump policies


Defense lawyers say prosecutors have dragged their feet on redressing wrongs of faked lab evidence

Opening Statements

10 Questions: ‘Sledgehammer Shannon’ defends workers in sharing economy

Election Law

Law firm partners received ‘bonuses’ after making political contributions; was it legal?

Criminal Justice

Top state court should toss 24,000 convictions connected to disgraced chemist, ACLU says

Legal Rebels Profile

Sarah Glassmeyer: Opening a window on closed data

Legal Rebels Profile

David Colarusso: The data scientist at law

Criminal Justice

Another judge is in the spotlight after athlete avoids prison in indecent assault case


Prosecutors entitled to warrant for Aaron Hernandez cellphone, being held by his lawyer, court says

Labor & Employment

Employers can’t ask job applicants about salary history under new Massachusetts law

Law Schools

Why Tim Kaine became disillusioned at Harvard Law School

Trials & Litigation

Homeless man should have been allowed to argue necessity in trespass case, state high court rules

Trials & Litigation

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez taps Casey Anthony lawyer and Harvard prof as new murder case counsel

Consumer Law

Suit claims Panera manager blamed language issue for peanut butter on allergic child’s sandwich

Court Security

Pedestrian fatally injured as SUV driven by lawyer runs backward 100 feet from court parking lot
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Poll: Which of these captions for the cartoon contest really pops?

Two prisoners watch lawyer walk out of prison.

  • 41.29%
    "He’s not much of a lawyer, but for 40 years he hasn’t forgotten my birthday."
  • 9.01%
    "I asked for help keeping my head up, but I should have been more specific."
  • 49.7%
    "How did the meeting with your attorney go?" "He said these balloons had a better chance of getting me out than he did."