Law Firms

Locke Lord chair is ‘bullish on Boston’ despite lawyer losses

Criminal Justice

Manslaughter case against texting teen in boyfriend’s suicide will proceed, judge says

Trials & Litigation

New Yorker profiles ‘St. Judy,’ revered defense lawyer who, for first time, had a client get death

Civil Rights

Gay lawyer denied coverage because he takes HIV-blocking drug files bias complaint against insurer

Criminal Justice

Teen faces manslaughter charges in boyfriend’s suicide over texts she sent him

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Lawyer gets home confinement for insider trading based on golfer’s tips

Constitutional Law

Top Massachusetts court upholds sex-trafficking law

Criminal Justice

American lawyer stabbed to death in his home in Venezuela

Constitutional Law

Law banning lies about political candidates is struck down by top Massachusetts court

Religious Law

Archdiocese seeks court order to end protesters’ 11-year vigil and close down deconsecrated church

Disability Law

Are ride-hailing businesses Uber and Lyft ADA-compliant? Massachusetts AG has questions

Criminal Justice

Attorney and law student indicted in boating accident that cost passenger an arm

Criminal Justicee

Spanking conviction is overturned; top state court allows reasonable force in child discipline

Court Security

Man accused of jury threat, biting court officer in 2010 gets mistrial after lawyer punch

Death Penalty

Boston Marathon bomber sentenced to death by federal judge

Law Professors

Alan Dershowitz lawsuit blames lack of paper towels for fall in sports arena bathroom

Religious Law

US-born Israeli soldier won’t be jailed for eating non-kosher sandwich

Criminal Justice

Defense lawyer in OUI cases is himself charged after woman loses arm in boat accident

White-Collar Crime

Well-known trial lawyer is federally charged with witness tampering

Internet Law

Backpage wins dismissal of suit over escort ads said to facilitate child sex trafficking