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Afternoon Briefs: Lawyer threatened jail time for people with unpaid 911 bills; R. Kelly indicted on new charges

Lawyer threatened jail to people with unpaid 911 responder bills

After a debt collection attorney allegedly threatened more than 800 people with imprisonment for not paying money owed to Trinity…

Afternoon Briefs: Teen blogger denied murder case evidence; Aerosmith drummer loses comeback case

Judge denies 16-year-old aspiring lawyer’s request for murder evidence

A 16-year-old aspiring lawyer and true crime blogger lost a bid Thursday to access evidence in the Texas murder case that…

First Amendment defense claims could threaten ‘revenge pornography’ statutes
BigLaw partner who said she worked 3,173 billable hours is suspended for overbilling
A BigLaw partner who relied on her assistant to create first-draft billing records based on her work product has been suspended for six months for overbilling.
Law school found out of compliance with program resources standard; dean is ‘surprised by the finding’
The University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law is out of compliance with three sections of Standard 202, which deals with program resources, according to a recent finding from the council of the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.
Meet Paul Skalnik, one of the most prolific jailhouse informants in American history
Paul Skalnik learned about the benefits of being a jailhouse informant when he was in the Harris County Jail in Texas in 1978 for passing bad checks.
How do the states stack up? Lawyers make the most and least money in these areas
Lawyers make the lowest average salary in Montana and the highest average salary in California, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Judge rules border agents need reasonable suspicion to search electronic devices
A federal judge in Boston ruled Tuesday that border agents violate the Fourth Amendment when they search electronic devices at ports of entry without a reasonable suspicion.
When it comes to unconscious bias, are judges at risk?
If a business school was designing a case study of unconscious bias in the courtroom, a recent series of events in Massachusetts might offer the perfect scenario for analysis. The topic: how the defense of a protester responding to a “straight pride” parade resulted in the arrest and shackling of a female defense lawyer for speaking in court.
In challenge alleging Asian American bias, federal judge upholds Harvard’s use of race in admissions
A federal judge in Massachusetts has upheld Harvard University’s consideration of race in undergraduate admissions in a challenge alleging discrimination against Asian Americans.
Afternoon Briefs: Actress sentenced in college admissions scandal; judge sides with transgender Ohioans

Actress Felicity Huffman gets 14 days in prison for college admissions scandal

Actress Felicity Huffman was sentenced Friday to 14 days in prison for her involvement in the college admissions…

Judge rejects prosecutor bid to drop charges against ‘straight pride’ protesters; defense lawyer handcuffed

Updated: A district attorney in Boston is asking the state’s highest court to step in after a judge refused her office’s bid to drop charges against protesters and observers at…

Pelvic exams performed without patients’ permission spur new legislation
Lawyer with Crohn’s disease goes public with Starbucks story to publicize bathroom-access laws

A lawyer with Crohn’s disease hopes to raise public awareness about bathroom-access laws with a personal story about his quest to use a bathroom at Starbucks.

Stephen Marcus, 64, helped…

What helped this attorney qualify for public service loan forgiveness? Diligence—and social media

Like many seeking public service student loan forgiveness, Jeffrey Morgan says he got bad information from student loan servicing centers. However, thanks to Twitter and Reddit—and perhaps his experience as a government lawyer dealing with bureaucracy and deciphering regulatory language—he’s now part of the estimated 5% who have had student loans discharged.

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