Media & Communications Law

Labor & Employment

2nd Circuit says 2 judges used wrong test in deciding high-profile cases over unpaid internships

Antitrust Law

2nd Circuit OKs verdict against Apple in $450M e-book price-fixing case

Trials & Litigation

Ex-worker wins $18M in suit against CEO over blog posts; law prof’s case is still pending

Internet Law

Dutch court to Facebook: Turn over info about sex video or give outside expert access to servers

First Amendment

9th Circuit boots judge, revives news media case over late access to court civil complaint filings

Tort Law

Jury awards patient $500K due to doctor’s defamatory comments while he was sedated for colonoscopy

U.S. Supreme Court

CNN intern learns lesson after wearing GoPro camera in Supreme Court press room

Consumer Law

FCC seeks to impose record $100M fine on AT&T for slowdown on ‘unlimited’ data plans

Media & Communications Law

TV reporters covering Hastert case cited for breaking federal courthouse rules

Court Security

DOJ investigates online posts about life sentence in Silk Road case that implied a threat to judge

Media & Communications Law

Atlanta lawyer sues after his patent is featured in ‘stupid patent of the month’ blog post

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer sues owner of racehorse American Pharoah for $10M, says response to client’s suit defamed him

Copyright Law

Northwestern settles with ex-employee, will jointly publish book about infamous Chicago murder

Internet Law

Judge tosses defamation suit against boss-rating website


Did passenger control plane by hacking into its computer? FBI probes Twitter claims

Copyright Law

En banc 9th Circuit nixes earlier Google takedown order for ‘Innocence of Muslims’

Media & Communications Law

UVa official sues Rolling Stone, says she was ‘chief villain’ in retracted rape article

Entertainment & Sports Law

After the ‘Fight of the Century,’ new parties seek to duke it out with Mayweather, Pacquiao in court

Media & Communications Law

After losing libel lawsuit over parody Twitter account, lawyer sues opposing counsel and newspaper

Media & Communications Law

Judge: If media wanted me to OK video cameras in Detroit bankruptcy case, I would have