Family Law

Children sent to juvenile facility for refusing relationship with dad are now going to summer camp

Family Law

Judge orders ‘brainwashed’ kids to live in juvenile facility for refusing to interact with their dad

Family Law

Michigan district court stops performing marriages in the wake of gay-marriage decision

Criminal Justice

Feds arrest 243 in record $712M health care billing-fraud bust

Trials & Litigation

Judge left ‘threatening’ voice mail for defendant, says lawyer now seeking jurist’s recusal


Judge blasts ‘hookup’ culture, requires sex offender registration for teen


6th Circuit criticizes federal judge who told lawyer to shut up, improvised jury instruction

Religious Law

New Michigan law allows adoption agencies to refuse service based on religious objections

Election Law

Lawyer ends campaign to elect his pet pig Giggles as mayor of Flint, Michigan

Legal Ethics

Prosecutor seeks judge’s removal for allegedly interfering with intern’s drunken-driving arrest

Constitutional Law

Federal judge nixes open-carry suit by man disarmed and put on the ground by police

Business of Law

Honigman opens in Chicago by acquiring 14-attorney litigation firm there


A good night’s sleep on a $4K mattress pointed a former BigLaw attorney to a new job in sales

Legal Marketing

Lawyer blasted for T-shirt reading: ‘You say domestic violence, I say spousal discipline’

Trials & Litigation

6th Circuit: Federal judge abused discretion by refusing to let law firm withdraw in civil case


Prosecutor’s Facebook post on shooting rioters was ‘completely out of character,’ her office says

Court Security

Client hospitalized after asphyxiating himself with phone cord in courthouse meeting room

Criminal Justice

Dissenter slams defense lawyer’s ‘dilatory and seemingly impassive preparation’ in criminal case

Media & Communications Law

After losing libel lawsuit over parody Twitter account, lawyer sues opposing counsel and newspaper

Media & Communications Law

Judge: If media wanted me to OK video cameras in Detroit bankruptcy case, I would have