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Several reform prosecutors win election throughout US

Reform prosecutors won election last week in several jurisdictions throughout the United States.

Trump campaign brings legal challenges in several battleground states with success in 1 suit

The Trump campaign has filed recent lawsuits in several battleground states and has called for a recount in Wisconsin.

Owner of Legal Genius law firm pleads guilty to conspiracy involving stolen police crash reports

A Michigan lawyer who ran the Legal Genius law firm has pleaded guilty in an alleged scheme to steal nonpublic traffic crash reports from the Detroit Police Department.

Lawyer takes on politically popular name before launching campaign for judgeship

Michigan lawyer Nicholas John Bobak is running for a judgeship with a new name.

Michigan governor exceeded her authority to issue COVID-19 orders, state’s top court rules

Michigan’s attorney general will no longer criminally prosecute those who violate COVID-19 executive orders after the state supreme court ruled Friday that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer exceeded her authority by issuing them.

Meet Joan Larsen, a former Democratic volunteer, who is another potential SCOTUS nominee

U.S. Circuit Judge Joan Larsen, a conservative judge on President Donald Trump’s short list of possible U.S.…

Insurers rack up early wins in lawsuits over COVID-19 ‘business interruption’ coverage

Court decisions on "business interruption" coverage are so far favoring insurers as they fight claims for lost income during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michigan agrees to pay $600M to settle Flint water claims; most money allocated to minors

The state of Michigan has agreed to pay $600 million to settle claims by Flint, Michigan, residents and businesses that said they were harmed by lead that leached into the city’s water supply.

Cooley Law School will close another campus; ‘not really enough students to make it work,’ dean says

The Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School announced Monday that it is closing its Grand Rapids, Michigan, campus and consolidating operations in the state at its Lansing, Michigan, location.

Judge is accused of using sexual language to advise assistant prosecutor on art of direct examination

A Michigan judge has been accused of using language so sexually charged in providing feedback to an assistant prosecutor that she felt “frozen” and afraid to move.

Incoming president-elect calls on lessons learned from Detroit riot in speech to House of Delegates

Reginald Turner has spent the past few months comparing the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, calls for police reform and resulting unrest to the anxiety he experienced during the 1967 Detroit riot, he told the House of Delegates on Tuesday.

Cyberattack led to state’s delayed online bar exam, software provider says

A testing delay with Michigan’s online bar exam was caused by the outside provider experiencing a distributed denial of service attack, the state supreme court's communications director announced Tuesday evening.

State’s online bar exam is delayed after tech glitch

Some test-takers of the online Michigan bar exam had a brief password glitch on Tuesday, the state supreme court announced in a late morning tweet.

Judge won’t release teen detained for failing to do homework while on probation

A Michigan teenager will remain in juvenile detention after violating probation by refusing to do her online schoolwork.

State supreme court rules for property owner who lost home over $8 tax debt

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled Friday that the takings clause in the state constitution prevents counties from selling homes for unpaid tax debts and keeping all surplus proceeds.

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