Criminal Justice

DOJ denounces ‘irresponsible’ leaks in Ferguson police-shooting case

White-Collar Crime

Disbarred lawyer who stole from his own mother and others gets 44 months in federal prison

Criminal Justice

Lawyer who robbed 3 banks and shot state trooper gets 24 years

First Amendment

Judge orders cops in Ferguson to stop enforcing ‘five-second rule’

Civil Rights

ACLU challenges police ‘five-second rule’ for arresting protesters in Ferguson

Privacy Law

Misidentified as a porn star by DJs, former 1L testifies against radio station in privacy suit

Criminal Justice

Deputy arrests disbarred lawyer a decade after taking report in child-abuse case

Criminal Justice

St. Louis lawyer charged with hindering prosecution of wanted woman

Civil Rights

Protesters sue city of Ferguson, St. Louis County and their police chiefs for $41.5 million

Attorney General

Holder, who has made police misconduct cases a priority, will travel to Ferguson

Criminal Justice

Harvard law prof calls for arrest of Ferguson cop; autopsy finds teen was shot at least six times

Criminal Justice

‘OK, let’s take him’: Post reporter recounts his arrest at Ferguson McDonald’s

First Amendment

Are police in Ferguson violating the Constitution?

Criminal Justice

Family of teen fatally shot by cop hires lawyer in Trayvon Martin case; case spurs protests, looting

Death Penalty

Missouri execution takes 10 minutes; four SCOTUS justices would have granted stay

Real Estate & Property Law

Woman sues after family dies at local Home Depot in Joplin tornado; retailer cites ‘act of God’

Criminal Justice

Once-missing lawyer pleads guilty to defrauding mom, clients


Former Missouri justice is confirmed as federal judge, 15 years after Senate rejection

Constitutional Law

Inmate takes $4K settlement in suit alleging he was denied a toothbrush

Court Security

Man gets up to 7 years for breaking into and vandalizing prosecutor’s home