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New York

Corporate Law

Appeals court says only qualified privilege covered lawyer’s demand letter, but nixes libel case

White-Collar Crime

Lawmaker is federally indicted over $3.7M in claimed payments by law firms

Verdicts & Settlements

Estate of ‘kung fu judge’ wins $750K in suit over his claimed unlawful confinement in nursing home

Consumer Law

Bankruptcy court battle looms over economic-loss claims against GM concerning ignition-switch issues

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer blamed for reversed verdict feels vindicated by appellate ruling that judge abused discretion

Corporate Law

Still battling code-theft case, former Goldman Sachs programmer sues bank for legal fees

Legal Ethics

Lawyer suspended for hiring disbarred lawyer who used assumed name in client meetings

Trials & Litigation

Defense lawyers ask judge to OK seat upgrade for Africa trip; federal prosecutors are flying coach

Law Firms

Surgical center claims unauthorized lawsuit resulted in counterclaim costing $2.1M

Copyright Law

Katy Perry’s lawyers assert Left Shark copyright, send cease-and-desist letter to 3D printer

International Law

Egyptian lawyer gets 25 years in fatal US Embassy bombings after ‘enormously generous’ plea bargain

Trials & Litigation

Both sides proclaim victory in jury’s $140K award to ex law firm associate, but say they may appeal

Labor & Employment

Ex-associate who sued law firm seeking $2M wins $90K plus undetermined punitives

Trials & Litigation

Claimed ‘digital kingpin’ of hidden Silk Road drug-sale website is convicted, could get life

Criminal Justice

Suit claims New York’s ban on assisted suicide doesn’t apply to doctors

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer guilty in cemetery theft; state AG says he stole $1.8M to refund $1M in client escrow money

Internet Law

Snapchat photo of incontinent nursing home patient leads to arrest and guilty plea for nurse’s aide

Trials & Litigation

Famed trial lawyer Sanford Rubenstein files defamation suit over rape claim

Trials & Litigation

Judge axes indictment against lawyers in witness-tampering case, citing improper testimony

White-Collar Crime

Top NY lawmaker prosecuted over $3M asbestos-case referral fees exits speaker post and law firm role