New York

Criminal Justice

FIFA officials indicted by US in claimed $150M ‘World Cup of Fraud’ scheme

Family Law

London judge sides with divorcing US lawyer in battle over baby grand piano


Did passenger control plane by hacking into its computer? FBI probes Twitter claims

Labor & Employment

Manicurists sue over alleged labor violations, seek class action status

Law Schools

Dean Watch: Legal innovator to head Suffolk, first woman to lead Cardozo

Securities Law

2nd Circuit appears sympathetic to Litvak’s argument that Wall Street traders often lie

Criminal Justice

NY Senate majority leader is on leave from his law firm job after arrest

Business of Law

Proskauer lays off 29 staff members

Constitutional Law

2nd Circuit rules NSA phone surveillance program is not authorized by Patriot Act

Criminal Justice

Man accused of assaulting lawyer is ecstatic over mistrial, says new lawyer, who was also attacked


New York will use Uniform Bar Exam to test bar applicants, starting in July 2016

Trials & Litigation

Appeals court greenlights fraud suit against Proskauer related to tax shelter advice

Trials & Litigation

Split jury verdict for former Goldman Sachs programmer accused in code-theft case

Criminal Justice

Inmate on trial for jailhouse lawyer assault attacks new lawyer in court

Criminal Justice

$1.7M cemetery theft gets lawyer up to 13 years; he’s already serving federal time in tax case

Family Law

Mother-daughter Pink concert wasn’t an abuse of parental discretion, judge rules in custody tiff

Work/Life Balance

Long-serving federal judge, 92, says ice-skating energizes him for work

Constitutional Law

NYC transit agency may ban all political ads to avoid complying with federal judge’s ruling

Legal History

Landmark NYC courthouse opens doors for free exhibit after 40 years of being closed

Animal Law

After animal activists herald chimp habeas victory, judge amends her order