Sentencing/Post Conviction

Criminal Justice

Judge accused of stealing cocaine from evidence likely impaired, says lawyer in conviction challenge

Court Security

Man punches his lawyer in court melee after being found not guilty of murder at trial


Clemency Project 2014 is out to help prisoners doing excessive time due to inflexible sentencing

National Pulse

Courts are reconsidering residency restrictions for sex offenders

Constitutional Law

Over 100 convictions reversed over faulty jury instructions on manslaughter

First Amendment

9th Circuit revives inmate’s pro se suit over being required to work with pork in kitchen

Trials & Litigation

Deaf man who pleaded guilty to iPad theft that didn’t occur moves ahead in civil case

Criminal Justice

Jail moves to video-only visits; fee will be charged to visitors

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court strikes down portion of federal law enhancing sentences for ‘career criminals’

Trials & Litigation

Judge grants drug-ring chief a plea deal to free up courtroom for other trials


State bar accuses DA and chief drug prosecutor of not doing enough to address drug-test issue

Death Penalty

Boston Marathon bomber sentenced to death by federal judge


Judge cites ‘tainted juror,’ grants mistrial to former football players in rape case

Constitutional Law

NYC to pay $6.25M to man jailed almost 25 years despite out-of-state alibi

Sentencing / Post-Conviction

Can prison nurseries help provide children with healthy foundations?

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Former judges and prosecutors back bill cutting mandatory minimums for drug offenses


Judge blasts ‘hookup’ culture, requires sex offender registration for teen

Criminal Justice

Man who murdered lawyer gets 3 years added to life sentence for jail escape attempt

Criminal Justice

Asked to appeal capital sentence, BigLaw lawyer gets pro bono client freed from prison


6th Circuit criticizes federal judge who told lawyer to shut up, improvised jury instruction