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Lawyer Charged with Tax Evasion, Accused of Using Firm Accounts to Pay for Daughter's Wedding

A Tennessee lawyer has been charged with evading taxes by using law firm bank accounts to bankroll his daughter’s wedding and other personal expenses.

Knoxville lawyer John Threadgill was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of evading more than $1.4 million in income taxes, the Knoxville News reports. The indictment (PDF) accuses Threadgill of using law firm bank and payroll accounts to pay personal expenditures that included:

• $69,000 for his daughter’s wedding.

• $245,000 for “family educational expenses.”

• $60,000 for country club expenses.

• $52,000 for personal travel.

• $213,000 to buy real estate.

Threadgill is also facing a prior felony theft charge, based on accusations he misappropriated client funds while fighting a suspension in a disciplinary case involving similar alleged conduct.

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