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Law Schools

Cooley law school seeks to sell a building in downtown Lansing

Business of Law

Wiley Rein acquires lobbying firm

Criminal Justice

Lawyer waiting in court offers $1K to defendant facing a felony if he didn’t pay restitution

Personal Lives

Lawyer dedicates settlement for partial loss of hand to helping kids get a good education

Law Professors

Sensitivity is the real issue in teaching of rape law, law prof says

Privacy Law

New laws are needed to protect people from webcam spying, report says

Question of the Week

How does your firm mark the winter holidays?

Civil Rights

Chicago school principal targeted pregnant teachers for firing, Justice Department suit alleges

Attorney Fees

Vaccine court is profitable for some lawyers, who get paid win or lose

Law Firms

Foreclosure defense lawyer says he will give away free home for best ‘tear-jerker’ essay

Internet Law

Sony lawyer asks Twitter to suspend user who posted hacked documents

Law Firms

Two BigLaw firms paid $5.75M to partner’s fake companies, prosecutors allege


How many JDs are in Congress?

U.S. Supreme Court

Scalia demonstrates how to recover from an apparent misstep with a ‘Scalia culpa,’ says reporter

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is reprimanded for lying about appeal; client repeated assertion in TV interview

Legal Ethics

Now-retired justice’s pornographic emails were only impropriety found in special counsel’s report

First Amendment

Abortion ultrasound law violates First Amendment, 4th Circuit says

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is beaten unconscious in New Orleans; neither his Rolex nor his cash was taken

Government Law

Another AG won’t defend state law; this one gives NRA standing to challenge gun regulations

Law Firms

Suit claims client fired law firm because of bias against Arab American partner