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Constitutional Law

Federal judge blasts expert for not evaluating inmate jail brutality claims, but OKs case for trial

Work/Life Balance

April 1 joke banning late-night and vacation emails backfires on Weil Gotshal

White-Collar Crime

Feds charge former BigLaw attorney with aiding client’s fraudulent attempt to get money to buy Maxim

Corporate Law

Major US contractor settles first SEC case over confidentiality pacts that silence whistleblowers

Trials & Litigation

Protesters disrupt US Supreme Court proceedings; 5 arrests made

Religious Law

Arkansas governor says he won’t sign religious freedom bill without changes

Labor & Employment

More companies thwart employee class actions in arbitration agreements

Health Law

Doctors question required advice to women in new Arizona abortion law

Law in Popular Culture

Need a lawyer but can’t afford one? ‘Intangible Lawyer’ could help

Animal Law

Woman faces new charges of animal neglect; cop wore gas mask to rescue kitten

Trials & Litigation

Appeals court: Driver who kicked drunken friend out of his car is liable for 3rd-party hit-and-run

Criminal Justice

Indiana woman gets 20-year sentence for feticide based on claim she illegally ended her pregnancy

Law Schools

A turning point for law schools? As studies are cited, law prof bets not one will close

Criminal Justice

Emails said to be from ‘gentleman’ kidnappers demand apology for police hoax conclusion


Is being humble a good trait for workers? Google’s hiring chief answers yes and explains why

Legal Ethics

Despite witnesses taking the Fifth, judge OKs trial of 3 lawyers accused of DUI setup

In-House Counsel

Judge tosses bias suit by former Booz Allen lawyer

Trials & Litigation

Stop efforts to close Sweet Briar, lawsuits by county attorney and alumna urge Virginia court

Business of Law

Why are so many former Dewey partners moving on to new firms?

Legal Ethics

What is appropriate punishment for judge who punched assistant public defender?