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Internet Law

Emoticons matter, judge rules in Silk Road trial

Trials & Litigation

Forcibly shaven, convicted Fort Hood shooter appears in court beardless

White-Collar Crime

Disbarred lawyer convicted in client theft seeks ‘shock’ probation months into 10-year prison term

Trials & Litigation

Footprint, DNA links ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez to murder, gov’t says; defense cites lack of motive

Health Law

Mom accused of faking medical problems to get unneeded treatment for her children takes plea deal

Business of Law

White-collar litigation trio leaps from Morgan Lewis to McGuireWoods

Attorney General

Amid criticism of Eric Holder, attorney general nominee promises to ‘be Loretta Lynch’

Public Defenders

See the video: PD is handcuffed in court hall for refusing to step aside for police photo of client

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS stays three executions using midazolam while allowing a fourth; did inmate fake pain?

Government Law

Delaware lifts ban on smiling for camera on driver’s license photos


Curbs on pay guarantees don’t crimp lateral moves; which firms gained the most?

Religious Law

Judge acquits man accused of putting First Amendment sticker on courthouse church directory


Why this injured PI lawyer gave a hospital interview: ‘I don’t want the public to think I’m dead’


Complaint targets Alabama chief justice’s vow to fight ‘tyranny’ of gay-marriage rulings

Criminal Justice

Judge kicks defense lawyer off attempted murder case for failing to participate

Labor & Employment

Are app-summoned workers contractors? Suits seek protections; profs say new category needed


Should Lindsay Lohan be able to call greeting fans community service? Prosecutor questions

Media & Communications Law

2nd Circuit nixes libel suit over ‘scarlet letter’ news stories that survived expunged arrest record

Question of the Week

Have you ever asked for a raise? If so, did you succeed in getting one?

White-Collar Crime

Top NY lawmaker prosecuted over $3M asbestos-case referral fees exits speaker post and law firm role