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Entertainment & Sports Law

Law firm: ‘More probable than not’ that Patriots deflated footballs in AFC game before Superbowl

Entertainment & Sports Law

After the ‘Fight of the Century,’ new parties seek to duke it out with Mayweather, Pacquiao in court

Question of the Week

Have you ever ‘fired’ a client, or wanted to? If so, why, and how did you do it?

Legal Ethics

Lawyers accused of DUI setup of opposing trial counsel fight to suppress video of paralegal

Criminal Justice

Serial stowaway attempter is charged with trespassing at Chicago airports

Attorney General

Baltimore mayor seeks Justice Department probe of police practices in her city

Criminal Justice

Man accused of assaulting lawyer is ecstatic over mistrial, says new lawyer, who was also attacked

Trials & Litigation

6th Circuit OKs sanctions for filing frivolous suit, may add sanctions for filing frivolous appeal

Law Students

This athlete has figured out a way to get free law school tuition

Constitutional Law

US Supreme Court declines appeal from inmate denied gender-change surgery

First Amendment

Singing in the post office isn’t a constitutional right, 11th Circuit rules in pro se appeal

Criminal Justice

Father of alleged Boston bomber had PTSD, psychiatrist testifies

Criminal Justice

Man on the lam for 56 years is arrested in Florida trailer park; he appears in court in a wheelchair

Privacy Law

Cops’ use of cellphone location records didn’t violate Fourth Amendment, en banc court says

Work-Life Balance

Can workers get glowing reviews by ‘passing’ as workaholics?

Constitutional Law

John Paul Stevens says some held at Gitmo should get reparations from US government

Labor & Employment

Federal suit says Marriott denied new mom lactation breaks because she’s a surrogate


7th Circuit: Law firm doesn’t owe fired PI attorney bonuses, due to terms of compensation pact

Constitutional Law

Flag desecration case nixed against man who wrote AIM on US stars and stripes


New York will use Uniform Bar Exam to test bar applicants, starting in July 2016