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Trials & Litigation

Investigator sued along with Northwestern University by exonerated ex-inmate files $20M countersuit

White-Collar Crime

Disbarred Illinois lawyer gets 57 months in mortgage-rescue fraud case


GPS tracker put assassin on lawyer’s trail, but also helped catch the suspects, feds testify

Law Firms

Husch Blackwell merges with Wisconsin law firm


Texas judge won’t bend to DA’s jeans-days policy

Law Schools

Faculty senate at George Mason expresses ‘deep concern’ about renaming law school for Scalia

Law Firms

More law firms help associates find lenders to refinance student debt; will firms help pay?

Trials & Litigation

Judge says she didn’t know Muslim woman’s scarf was a religious statement, not a fashion statement

Constitutional Law

Top Florida court strikes state statute that paid worker’s comp lawyer $1.53 per hour

Legal Technology

Elevate Services acquires Legal OnRamp

Labor & Employment

As ‘deeply flawed’ revised persuader rule takes effect, ABA joins in effort to block it

Criminal Justice

Indictment claims criminal defense lawyer coerced sex with nine court-appointed clients

Intellectual Property Law

IP litigator says she was startled to find that her art forgery article had been plagiarized online

Trials & Litigation

Suit blames Snapchat’s speed tracker for high-speed auto accident

Trials & Litigation

BigLaw firm seeks $3.7M from attorney’s estate, says he intentionally filed ‘bogus case’

Media & Entertainment Law

The Examiner isn’t liable for infringing content posted by its independent contractors, court says

Trusts & Estate Law

Those in charge of Prince estate face ‘horribly speculative’ task of valuing publicity rights

Privacy Law

Law authorizing garbage inspections for composting scofflaws violates privacy rights, judge rules

Law Firms

Law firm claims its First Amendment rights were violated when judge banned its nursing home ad

Criminal Justice

Oral sex with intoxicated, unconscious person isn’t a crime, state high court rules