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What do lawyers do when they leave law practice? In DC, baking appears to be popular

Law Practice Management

Should partners lose their couches and corner offices? Paul Hastings considers changes


Democratic appointees are now in the majority on nine federal appeals courts

Entertainment & Sports Law

Vikings’ Adrian Peterson says sorry for hurting son, 4, in latest incident to test new NFL policy

Legal History

Father-and-son district attorney duo are first in state, newspaper says

White-Collar Crime

Judge plans to take plea in case over $3M federal investment-fraud scheme, his lawyer says

Criminal Justice

Guilty of grisly murder, Jodi Arias auctions ‘one-of-a-kind’ item—spectacles she wore at trial

Criminal Justice

Ex-lawyer and former state Democratic party chief is federally charged in claimed $1.8M client fraud

Trials & Litigation

Claimed Nazi volunteer during World War II, now 93, charged in deaths of 300K at Auschwitz

U.S. Supreme Court

Juror at center of SCOTUS case contests plaintiff’s version of events

Legal Ethics

Judge suspended 30 days without pay for coming to courthouse intoxicated

Criminal Justice

Detective’s new look at 2006 case leads to murder charge against former prosecutor


Federal judge discloses his ‘stupid little trial’ remark after realizing juror may have heard it

In-house Counsel

Companies shift legal spending in-house as more embrace ‘in-sourcing’

Legal Ethics

Lawyer appears in Thomas Jefferson garb to defend law license, unusual capital murder defense

First Amendment

3rd Circuit upholds ban on gay-conversion therapy for underage youths; will SCOTUS take the case?

Real Estate & Property Law

Owner of nearly completed home, challenged as too modern, wins in court

Death Penalty

Judge Kopf: I would uphold the death penalty for an innocent man rather than play games with the law

Criminal Justice

Ex-judge once jailed for mailing live snake gets 40 years in drug case; feds say he killed witness

Criminal Justice

Lawyer faces drunken-driving case and contempt hearing after allegedly coming to court intoxicated