Legal Innovation

Legal Rebels Tour '09 Roundup: Week 2

Michael Will, designing software that helps lawyers work better and faster.

Video Tour Diary Day 5: Out On the Town; A Willing Rebel; Now a Break

Covering the Coverage: What I Learned from Week 1, by Edward Adams.

Frank Aquila, using mainstream and social media to pull back the veil on mergers and acquisitions.

Video Tour Diary Day 6: Week 2 Gets Underway

Video Tour Diary Day 7: David Lat & Steve Brill; Bye Bye NYC, Hello DC

David Lat, remaking legal journalism by crowdsourcing the news.

David Lat interviews Steve Brill.

Chip Mellor, proving humor has a place in issues advocacy.

Video Tour Diary Day 8: ‘Merry Band of Litigators’ & the Story Within the Story

Shuttle Driver Charged with Conspiracy to Use Weapons of Mass Destruction

N-Word Question Spurs Tiff in Case of Lawyer Demoted for 'Ghetto' Remark

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