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Check out the winners of the 5th Annual Peeps in Law contest!

We are proud to announce the winners of our Peeps in Law contest! “Oh the Peepanity!” walks away with our grand prize, with “Peepemptory Challenges” and “Citizens United vs. F.E.C.” in the second and third slots respectively. We’d like to thank everyone involved, especially those who submitted dioramas, and Just Born, the Peeps company who donated the prizes for our winners. “We look forward to the basket prize so we can brazenly do what we have been warned away from all of our lives, and put all of our eggs in it!” writes E. Casey Magan from Waddell & Magan of their third-place win.

Four times as many people voted in this year’s contest than in 2012. We were also mentioned in Above the Law and Food Network Magazine. The Food Network Magazine article isn’t posted online, but there are step-by-step instructions for constructing a Peep cake, if you haven’t gotten Peeps out of your system yet.

Now start brainstorming for 2014!


Oh the Peepanity!

Oh the Peepanity!
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Peepemptory Challenges

Peepemptory Challenges
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Citizens United vs. F.E.C.

Citizens United vs. F.E.C.
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Updated at 12:15 p.m. to add comment from a prizewinner.

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