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TN Divorce Lawyer With Wife—and Law Firm—30 Years

A Tennessee divorce lawyer who has been married to the same woman–and working at the same law firm–for 30 years credits luck and a strong family life for his good fortune.

A partner at a Memphis law firm established by his father in 1951, George Lawrence “Larry” Rice III now practices there with his own son, too, reports the Daily News, a Memphis newspaper, in a lengthy article about his professional life. “My family has not interviewed for a job in the legal field for three generations,” he notes, adding that the best part of his job is trying cases with his son.

His work as a divorce lawyer has helped him recognize how fortunate he has been in his own marriage, adds Rice, who is about to celebrate his 33rd anniversary. “I am a divorce lawyer who recognized a good deal when he got it, and has stayed married for 32 years,” he says.

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