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10 steps to identify irrational resistance to self-care
Do you include acts of self-care on your calendar reminders or to-do lists? Probably not.
ABA mourns James Dimos, deputy executive director, general counsel

James Dimos, the ABA’s deputy executive director and general counsel, died suddenly Wednesday. “We are devastated by the loss of Jim Dimos,” ABA Executive Director Jack Rives said. “He was a big man with a great vision and huge accomplishments.”

2 teens honored for returning lawyer’s lost wallet containing about $500
Two teenagers from Vicksburg, Mississippi, were honored by the city Monday for returning a lawyer’s lost wallet containing credit cards and about $500 in cash.
New Jersey federal judge: ‘Monster’ who killed my son had dossier on us; we need judicial privacy
Federal judges should not have to live in fear, U.S. District Judge Esther Salas of the District of New Jersey said in a video statement Monday.
Father-daughter duo serves together in ABA leadership

“It has taken me a lifetime to get to the House of Delegates, and now I have to answer to my daughter, who is on the Board of Governors,” Michael Posner says. “It’s pretty unique.”

Lawyers’ thoughts and actions should promote peaceful resolution
I can remember my first lecture in law school by the famous Robert E. Lee who wrote the book on real property law in North Carolina. He asked for a show of hands of people who wrote poetry.
Justice Ginsburg is hospitalized for procedure to revise a bile duct stent
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent a procedure Wednesday to revise a bile duct stent that had been placed last year.
This new justice’s swearing in will happen during a 100-mile ultramarathon
Jill Karofsky plans to be sworn in as a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Saturday during a break in a 100-mile ultramarathon.
2020 Harvard Law grad postpones bar exam and her wedding plans because of COVID-19
This past spring, when few people realized that most July bar exams would ultimately be canceled, Molly Coleman decided to forgo the test, for the time being, despite her lawyer father’s objections.
Self-awareness, mentors and family propel former C student to Harvard Law acceptance

Rehan Staton has always done things differently. “People say I take notes differently, I learn differently. People say in general I have a peculiar way of doing things, but it always worked for me,” Staton, 24, says.

Federal judge’s son killed, her lawyer husband wounded in shooting at their home
A gunman dressed as a FedEx driver killed the son of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas of the District of New Jersey and wounded her lawyer husband Sunday evening.
Justice Ginsburg is being treated for liver cancer, says she still can do her job
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in a statement on Friday that she is being treated for a recurrence of cancer.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is released from hospital after treatment for possible infection

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized for a possible infection on Tuesday after experiencing a fever and chills. She was released on Wednesday.

Ginsburg, 87, underwent an endoscopic procedure to…

Courthouses in this state grapple with rise in judges and staff testing positive for COVID-19
Several courthouses across Georgia shut down this week as judges and staff tested positive for the novel coronavirus.
Associates are considering moves to smaller markets, legal recruiters say
Associates in New York and other large cities are considering moves to smaller legal markets that would be less costly and closer to family, legal recruiters told Law360.

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10 steps to identify irrational resistance to self-care
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2020 Harvard Law grad postpones bar exam and her wedding plans because of COVID-19
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