10th Circuit Court

Court Security

See the video: Inmate slammed into window frame during court hearing files $5M civil rights lawsuit

U.S. Supreme Court

Same-sex marriages in Utah don’t have to be recognized pending appeal because of SCOTUS stay

Criminal Justice

Marshal who shot and killed defendant in federal court during trial won’t be prosecuted, DOJ says

U.S. Supreme Court

Utah asks Supreme Court to uphold its same-sex marriage ban

Constitutional Law

10th Circuit rules Utah gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional


10th Circuit Judge William Holloway Jr. dies

Court Security

Federal judge provides for jury counseling after marshal fatally shoots defendant in court

Court Security

Defendant shot dead by marshal after charging witness stand during trial, officials say


New federal courthouse looks like ‘a gigantic air conditioner compressor’


Facial recognition database leads feds to fugitive 37 years after prison escape

Civil Rights

Jailed based on mistaken identity, some who did nothing wrong are held days, weeks or months

International Law

Swiss bank exec faces US extradition in $20B tax case, due to vacation in Italy

Labor & Employment

Appeals court rules for Abercrombie in headscarf case

Constitutional Law

10th Circuit says judge erred in denying payment to lawyer who challenged execution method

Disability Law

Judge says 2 cities can maintain pit bull bans that accommodate service animals

Labor & Employment

Law prof files discrimination charge, alleges ‘stark inequality’ in pay for men and women

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge sequesters 19 lawyers in jury room, tells them to ‘identify genuine issues’ by 2 pm

Civil Rights

Federal judge OKs suit over ‘shocking’ claim 911 operator told harassed man to return to crime scene

First Amendment

Man can challenge constitutionality of state’s ‘rain god’ license plate, 10th Circuit

National Pulse

Along with political speech, many companies also claim they have religious liberty rights