10th Circuit Court

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Supreme Court Nominations

Gorsuch could be more conservative than Justice Clarence Thomas, study concludes

Supreme Court Nominations

Gorsuch writes reader-grabbing opinions with fact summaries that are ‘a form of wry nonfiction’

Supreme Court Nominations

Meet Neil Gorsuch, said to be a leading SCOTUS contender

Constitutional Law

SEC uses an unconstitutional method to hire in-house judges, federal appeals court rules

Death Penalty

Inmate’s 43-minute execution didn’t violate clearly established law, 10th Circuit rules

Religious Law

City Ten Commandments display violates establishment clause, 10th Circuit rules

Health Law

Louisiana can’t withhold Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood, 5th Circuit rules

Trials & Litigation

Tiring of ‘rolling the rock,’ federal appeals court removes judge in ‘Sisyphus’-like litigation

Education Law

Officer has immunity for arresting teen for belching at school, 10th Circuit rules

Constitutional Law

10th Circuit bars Utah governor from withholding federal funds from Planned Parenthood

Media & Entertainment Law

The Examiner isn’t liable for infringing content posted by its independent contractors, court says

Constitutional Law

10th Circuit tosses equal protection challenge to snowboarder ban

Constitutional Law

10th Circuit reverses bigamy-law win for ‘Sister Wives’ family

Health Law

8th Circuit finds that signing birth-control waiver is substantial burden; opinion splits circuits

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer who had firm pay his personal expenses in lieu of a paycheck pleads guilty to tax evasion

Appellate Practice

Lawyer’s ‘tale of apparent injustice’ in appeals brief falls short of argument, 10th Circuit says

White-Collar Crime

On-the-lam ex-attorney wanted in client ‘charity’ and tax-fraud case is captured

White-Collar Crime

Ex-judge accused of accepting bribes from lawyer takes plea; expected to get 2 years in prison

Tax Law

IRS will refund $25K penalty imposed on medical marijuana business for paying taxes in cash

Privacy Law

Feds use radar that can detect movement in homes; appeals court raises privacy concerns
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Two prisoners watch lawyer walk out of prison.

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    "He’s not much of a lawyer, but for 40 years he hasn’t forgotten my birthday."
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    "I asked for help keeping my head up, but I should have been more specific."
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    "How did the meeting with your attorney go?" "He said these balloons had a better chance of getting me out than he did."