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Lawmakers ask for ‘frank examination’ of response to federal judge’s sexual misconduct
Members of the House Judiciary Committee are calling for “a frank examination of the adequacy of the steps taken to address” sexual misconduct by a federal judge in Kansas.
SCOTUS adds cases on wayward presidential electors, contraceptive coverage exemptions
The U.S. Supreme Court added two high-profile cases on Friday to its docket concerning faithless presidential electors and expanded exemptions to mandated contraceptive coverage.
Federal prison’s new policy moots suit by Prison Legal News over censorship, appeals court rules

A federal prison’s decision to distribute Prison Legal News to inmates and change its policy has mooted the publication’s censorship lawsuit, a federal appeals court has ruled.

The Denver-based 10th…

SCOTUS accepts pro se appeal that could upend hundreds of convictions
The U.S. Supreme Court accepted Friday a pro se cert petition to once again consider whether a large part of eastern central Oklahoma is an American Indian reservation, which could call into question hundreds of state convictions.
Woman claims lewdness law is unconstitutional after she’s charged for appearing topless in front of stepkids
Lawyers are asking a judge to overturn Utah’s lewdness law and to toss charges against a Utah woman who appeared topless in front of her stepchildren.
Cops aren’t liable for destroying home of innocent people, 10th Circuit rules
The owners of a home that was destroyed by police pursuing a fleeing suspect are not entitled to compensation under the takings clause, a federal appeals court has ruled.
Federal judge reprimanded for ‘very serious’ long-term misbehavior involving employees and felon
A federal judge in Kansas has been publicly reprimanded for sexually harassing court employees, having an extramarital relationship with a convicted felon on probation and being late for court engagements.
Federal wage law protects workers in state-licensed pot industry, 10th Circuit rules
A federal appeals court has ruled that the federal wage law protects a worker in Colorado’s state-licensed cannabis industry, even though marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.
‘Faithless electors’ have right to vote for presidential candidates of their choice, 10th Circuit says

A federal appeals court has upheld the right of “faithless electors” to disregard state law and vote for the presidential and vice presidential candidates of their choice.

The 10th U.S.…

8th and 10th Circuits split over female topless ban

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at St. Louis has upheld a Springfield, Missouri, ordinance that bans women but not men from exposing their nipples in public.

The appeals…

Utah bar investigation into polygamy could raise other legal challenges
The Utah State Bar is investigating complaints that seven lawyers are violating rules of conduct by being involved in polygamous relationships, a felony punishable by five to 15 years in prison.
10th Circuit council won’t revive Kavanaugh complaints; 2 judges would send appeals elsewhere
A judicial council in Denver has affirmed its December decision to toss 83 ethics complaints against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Law firm accused of enabling polygamist leader Warren Jeffs can be sued, 10th Circuit says
A federal appeals court has reinstated a lawsuit accusing a Utah law firm of creating the legal framework that allowed polygamist leader Warren Jeffs to perpetuate child rape, forced labor and extortion.
Lawyer can be sanctioned for frivolous challenge to bail reform, 10th Circuit rules

Updated: A federal appeals court has agreed to toss a challenge to New Mexico bail reform rules that discourage the use of money bail.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of…

Ban on baring of female breasts is likely unconstitutional, 10th Circuit rules

A federal appeals court has ruled a female-only topless ban in Fort Collins, Colorado, likely violates the equal protection clause.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at Denver ruled…

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