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Government Stay Quickly Denied in Prisoner Suicide Case

A federal appeals court has rejected a government request to delay disclosure of documents in connection with the death of a federal prison inmate.

The Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court…

Chief Judge Accused in Handicapped Parking Spat

A Denver lawyer has filed a complaint claiming the chief judge of the Colorado federal courts threatened to call authorities when she confronted him about parking in a handicapped space.

Lawyer’s ‘Bombast’ Gets Verdict Tossed

Colorado lawyer Mark Brennan is firing back at a judge who ordered a new trial in an employment case because of “boorish and unprofessional” behavior by the lawyer.

U.S. District…

Ex-CEO Nacchio’s Prosecution ‘Unprecedented,’ Appeal Says

Former Qwest Communications CEO Joseph Nacchio contends in a brief seeking to overturn his insider trading conviction that his optimism about the company’s financial outlook was not unfounded.

The brief…

John Grisham Sued for Libel

The best-selling author of numerous legal thrillers has been sued for libel over his first nonfiction work, The Innocent Man.

In an unusual federal libel conspiracy case, John Grisham, along…

Hearing Transcripts to Go Online

The policy-making arm of the nation’s federal courts voted today to make it easier for both lawyers and the public to access court materials.

For lawyers, the big news is…

Liberal UC Irvine Dean Hired, Then Fired

Updated: Erwin Chemerinsky, a renowned constitutional law scholar at Duke University, reportedly agreed to be dean of the new University of California law school slated to open at Irvine next…

Court Fines Law Firm Over Spam Filter

Initially, the problem at a suburban Denver law firm was pornographic e-mail. Employees complained, and the office’s tech administrator was told to do something. He did.

Dialing up the spam…

Last Resorts of Court

One date that’s on almost every federal judge’s calendar this summer is the meeting of his or her circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals, at which trial and appellate…