Antitrust Law

Banking Law

Five banks agree to pay $5.6B for conspiring to manipulate currency and interest rates

Bar Associations

State bars may be affected by SCOTUS antitrust case; public interest groups want review by state AGs

Antitrust Law

Google is accused by European Union of violating antitrust laws

Internet Law

Online art seller agrees to guilty plea in justice’s first e-commerce price-fixing prosecution

Opening Statements

Chicago Cubs face a variety of lawsuits over Wrigley Field

Animal Law

Should cloned horse be registered as quarter horse? Horse breeder seeks rehearing in antitrust suit

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS smiles on nondentist teeth whiteners, allows antitrust action against dentistry board

Antitrust Law

American Express merchant policies are anti-competitive, judge rules

Real Estate & Property Law

Federal judge nixes TRO on new Chicago Cubs signs sought by rooftop seating companies

Entertainment & Sports Law

Caddies’ $50M suit says PGA Tour usurps endorsement opportunities with bib requirement

Antitrust Law

After last-minute lead plaintiff substitution, iPod users seek $350M at trial and get zilch

Civil Procedure

Judge boots lead plaintiff in $350M case at trial against Apple, orders counsel to find a substitute

Antitrust Law

Does $350M case at trial against Apple have a lead plaintiff? Judge hasn’t yet ruled

Antitrust Law

Uh-oh. Did lead plaintiffs seeking $350M in Apple trial purchase iPods as required?

Antitrust Law

Plaintiffs are seeking $1B in Apple trial over software that required iTunes to be played on iPods

First Amendment

Google wins SLAPP motion, has constitutional right to list search results as it wishes

Entertainment & Sports Law

Clippers sale is completed as Donald Sterling files challenge with appeals court

Entertainment & Sports Law

Judge rules ban on payments to college athletes is an antitrust violation

Trials & Litigation

State AG sues 2 foreclosure law firms; one agrees to pay $10M and sell or close down

Antitrust Law

Apple OKs high-low settlement of as little as zero and as much as $400M in e-book price-fixing case