Civil Rights

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Criminal Justice

Man sues after DNA sample mix-up put him in jail for 61 days

Labor & Employment

Does federal law forbid workplace discrimination against gays? Full 7th Circuit hears arguments


Jailhouse Warehouse: The nation’s jails are housing more mentally ill people than hospitals

Opening Statements

Former law dean works to foster better race relations in sports

Supreme Court Report

Supreme Court considers challenges to racial gerrymandering


#Attention: Law professor’s forum sheds light on racial injustice

Law Apps

New #JustAdulting app gives teenagers quick legal information


Fishing for Bias: Wildlife research techniques find gaps in court record

Your ABA

ABA leaders praise Department of Justice for introducing implicit bias training

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Decision in SCOTUS immigration case could hinge on government’s admission of error

Legal History

Arrest records of civil rights leader are unearthed; persistent lawyer sought them for 15 years

Executive Branch

Tens of thousands join ‘Lawyers of the Left’ Facebook group, sign Bannon protest letter

Death Penalty

Inmate’s 43-minute execution didn’t violate clearly established law, 10th Circuit rules

Civil Rights

Lawyers and activists use #TransLawHelp to mobilize and protect rights of trans people

Constitutional Law

ACLU: Trump will face its ‘full firepower’ if he doesn’t reverse course on unconstitutional plans

U.S. Supreme Court

How Trump’s victory and GOP Senate control could shape the law

Elder Law

Judge blocks federal rule that would ban arbitration in nursing home disputes

Civil Rights

San Francisco city attorney won’t defend city’s bail schedule from civil rights lawsuit

Internet Law

Judge says Airbnb user who alleged host bias is bound by online arbitration clause


Who’s to blame for poisoning of Flint’s water?
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