Civil Rights

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS refuses another stay in a same-sex marriage case

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer handcuffed at ATM sues police for alleged racial profiling

Media & Communications Law

Police put brakes on body-camera plan, citing records request; earlier dashcam suits were costly

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit says paroled sex offenders don’t have to provide their Web names and addresses to police

Constitutional Law

Atheist gets driver’s license photo with pasta colander on head, citing ‘Spaghetti Monster’ faith

Constitutional Law

Lawyer sues Eric Holder and ATF over his own homemade machine gun, says feds banned it unlawfully

Government Law

Unique city plan to ban all tobacco sales ignites firestorm among residents

Constitutional Law

Woman ticketed for going topless at Chicago event files civil rights suit against city


DOJ lawyer who escorted James Meredith to segregated campus dies at 92

Criminal Justice

Civil rights suit by poker pro challenges alleged forfeiture ‘machine’ in Iowa

Religious Law

Posner researches Chabad online; Bauer explains his ‘religious inclinations’ concurrence

U.S. Supreme Court

Imperfect statement of legal theory doesn’t justify dismissal of cops’ suit, SCOTUS rules

Trials & Litigation

Interpreters are still lacking in Los Angeles civil cases, legal-aid advocates say

Constitutional Law

US citizen sues ICE, says he was detained for more than 3 years awaiting deportation

Civil Rights

Court rejects housing discrimination rule that relied on statistical analysis


Man gets 2nd settlement in same civil rights case after new document comes to light


From Playgrounds to Battlegrounds: Chicago teens tell how guns affected them and their neighborhoods

National Pulse

Bully Fighting: New York’s high court says anti-cyberbullying law won’t pass First Amendment muster

Cover Story

Unwanted Guests

Health Law

Maine judge rules that nurse with no Ebola symptoms is free to move about