Civil Rights

Public Defenders

See the video: PD is handcuffed in court hall for refusing to step aside for police photo of client

Civil Rights

Judge vacates 1961 trespass convictions of ‘Friendship Nine’ sit-in protesters

The Modern Law Library

Author tells tangled tale of the $19B verdict against Chevron in ‘Law of the Jungle’ (podcast)

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: It’s shaping up to be a momentous term for SCOTUS

Constitutional Law

Is a nude violinist akin to a naked bicyclist? Federal civil rights suit says yes, seeks $1M

Privacy Law

Should Google stop pointing out police cars to users of popular Waze traffic app?

Legislation & Lobbying

Virginia bill would require court hearing before sex offenders can visit schools

First Amendment

Is law that prohibits women from going topless in public unconstitutional?

Labor & Employment

McDonald’s sued by former employees over ‘racist’ franchise in Virginia

Civil Rights

Baker who would not decorate a cake with anti-gay slurs faces civil rights complaint

Civil Rights

Gender identity disorder should be protected by ADA, transgender plaintiff argues

Constitutional Law

Lawyer seeks reversal of rare voting conviction he shares with suffragist Susan B. Anthony

Law Professors

Res judicata bars bias suit by convicted law prof, 8th Circuit rules

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge sanctions prosecutor’s office for bad faith in police misconduct case

Health Law

17-year-old cancer patient can’t refuse chemotherapy, Connecticut Supreme Court rules

Military Law

Former boot camp instructor sues in effort to rejoin Navy without shaving his beard

Constitutional Law

Jailed suspect in triple slaying at municipal meeting sues warden over prison food


Should 40,000 cases be tossed over drug-lab issues? Top state court to decide

Trials & Litigation

Sued for defamation by lawyers he criticized in civil rights case, Dershowitz says they made his day


Hundreds turn out for funeral of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo