Civil Rights


Lawyers ‘lean to the left,’ study says; which schools, firms and practice areas are most liberal?

Civil Rights

Petco won’t sell goldfish to Iranians and Persians on spring equinox, lawsuit says

10 Questions

10 Questions: Has the ADA measured up?

National Pulse

States deal with religious and gay rights in the wake of same-sex marriage ruling

Government Law

6th Circuit nixes stay for clerk appealing federal court order requiring her to perform marriages

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit says lack of staff doesn’t justify 5-point shackling of inmates in federal court


Texas judge sued by former employee for alleged sexual harassment

Labor & Employment

ACLU seeks contact from Amazon workers after NY Times article describes demanding job environment

Civil Rights

Justice Department expands civil rights law with ‘statements of interest’ in local suits

Constitutional Law

Advocacy group sues Denver over courthouse leafletting arrests

Internet Law

Dissenter blasts Posner’s Internet research in inmate’s suit over acid reflux treatment

Criminal Justice

Cop shooting of white teen in Hardee’s sting gets lesser media attention; lawyer sees racial reason

Law in Popular Culture

Wrong man arrested on ‘troubling’ reality TV show has no civil rights case, 7th Circuit rules

Constitutional Law

7th Circuit says court erred by upholding prison’s refusal to allow inmate and former guard to marry

Legal Ethics

Judge should not have made marriage a condition of defendant’s probation, civil rights group says

Civil Rights

Police brutality cases are said to be a ‘cottage industry’ for plaintiffs lawyers

Constitutional Law

Midnight motion wins almost immediate court order allowing public defender to see client

Civil Rights

Lawyer wins $93 refund of LA parking ticket; 9th Circuit ‘stealth tow’ appeal is ongoing


Civil rights icon Julian Bond dies at 75

Religious Law

First Amendment doesn’t protect baker who refused wedding cake to gay couple, appeals court says