International Courts/Tribunals

Criminal Justice

Germany OKs prosecution of former Nazi SS guard, now 93

Legal Ethics

Judge to end case over nude photos posted online by her husband by retiring from bench

Criminal Justice

Police at court for unrelated reasons spot suspect in theft case they’re investigating

Entertainment & Sports Law

Rolling Stones settle $12.7M insurance claim over shows canceled due to Jagger’s girlfriend’s death

Constitutional Law

UK intelligence may have eavesdropped for years on lawyer-client communications, documents show

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is reportedly missing, along with over $3 million in trust account

International Law

Chinese Communist Party announces reform measures to increase judicial independence

Trials & Litigaiton

Does government owe moose-vehicle crash victims? Lawyer vows appeal after losing class action

Family Law

Gunman kills lawyer, wounds client in shooting at Denmark courthouse

Trials & Litigation

Claimed Nazi volunteer during World War II, now 93, charged in deaths of 300K at Auschwitz

Obiter Dicta

Birth of a Nation: Find unclaimed land, and you can be king!

Corporate Law

In business for a decade, global Wi-Fi venture once valued at $2B got financing based on fake work

Annual Meeting

Illegal trafficking of animals is becoming a growing issue in global trade

Trials & Litigation

Financier backs Austrian law student’s class action against Facebook; it seeks damages under US law

International Law

European court orders Poland to pay damages to two prisoners held in secret CIA jail

Cover Story

How countries are successfully using the law to get looted cultural treasures back

President's Message

ABA’s internationally focused entities provide education, professional connections

Trials & Litigation

Woman is convicted of causing 2 deaths by stopping for ducklings on highway, faces maximum of life

International Law

Canada grants asylum to US woman sentenced to 30 years for having sex with teen

President's Message

800th anniversary of Magna Carta will be heralded with celebrations of the rule of law