International Law

White-Collar Crime

Indicted lawyer accused of stealing $6M from clients

Family Law

Served with process Tuesday, man shows up at court Wednesday with revving chainsaw, police say

Legal Rebels Profile

Vivek Maru: Drawing the arc to global justice

Opening Statements

EU court invalidates Louis Vuitton’s trademark on checkerboard pattern


US suit is filed over Ashley Madison hack as company offers $375K reward


Canadian lawsuit seeks $578M over dump of hacked info from Ashley Madison dating site

Criminal Justice

2 suspects arrested in home invasion slaying of American lawyer in Venezuela

Criminal Justice

American lawyer stabbed to death in his home in Venezuela

Human Rights

ISIS embraces sex slavery, using contracts and courts to govern the practice

Constitutional Law

Prostitution law violates my client’s right to sexual privacy, lawyer says; group takes stand

Family Law

‘Gossip Girl’ actress in custody battle can’t keep kids in US, New York judge rules

Legal Technology

In potential job threat to associates, ‘artificially intelligent attorney’ gets BigLaw gig

Tort Law

Lawyer says US suit is planned over crash of German plane in French Alps


Citing twin law firm websites (1 real, 1 fake), bar group urges public to beware

Law Firms

Powerhouse labor boutique Littler opens first office in Canada

Animal Law

If US were to prosecute over Cecil the lion’s slaying in Africa, what would legal basis be?

Personal Security

Traveling to dangerous areas can leave lawyers vulnerable

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Royalty joins the ABA in marking the 800th birthday of the Magna Carta

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Political powers blunt good law, human rights lawyer says

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Speakers consider the grand sweep of the Great Charter