International Law

Personal Security

Traveling to dangerous areas can leave lawyers vulnerable

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Royalty joins the ABA in marking the 800th birthday of the Magna Carta

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Political powers blunt good law, human rights lawyer says

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Speakers consider the grand sweep of the Great Charter

Special ABA London Sessions Report

UK trade envoy: ‘I’d give anything’ for the ABA to work with the Iraqi judiciary

Special ABA London Sessions Report

What can US, UK lawyers learn from each other?

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Laws need to catch up to high-speed trading

Special ABA London Sessions Report

Corporations have a role in (and gain benefits from) promoting the rule of law

Business of Law

Lawyer in Petrobras cases quits practice, cites concern for ‘security of my family’

Privacy Law

Google will fight French bid to extend ‘right to be forgotten’ worldwide

Human Rights

China cracks down on lawyers said to have ‘sabotaged the legal order’

International Law

US seeks to question Minnesota dentist in shooting of Cecil the lion

Trials & Litigation

Suspect is charged 30 years after fatal family-court-related attacks on judges, others

Legal Technology

Law firms can block hackers with ‘known good’ use of digital documents, expert says

Entertainment & Sports Law

Top sports court nixes IAAF testosterone-based ban on some female athletes

Legal Technology

Arbitration website hack is likely the work of Chinese hackers, cyberthreat group says

Religious Law

Archdiocese seeks court order to end protesters’ 11-year vigil and close down deconsecrated church

Aviation & Space Law

Writers blast ‘airline seating from hell’: One calls for law to ban plan detailed in patent filing

Law Firms

Greenberg Traurig launching German office with more than 50 lawyers from Olswang

Law Schools

Cuban lawyer gets Duke law school scholarship after speaking frankly to visiting Florida lawyers