International Law


New trouble for Justin Bieber, charged in ATV accident and fight

Business of Law

Hinshaw & Culbertson to acquire 45-attorney California firm

Obiter Dicta

Birth of a Nation: Find unclaimed land, and you can be king!


Fake law firm websites use real firms’ photos and info, but alter contact details

Criminal Justice

Fugitive bail jumper captured in Nepal through facial-recognition technology after 14 years

Corporate Law

In business for a decade, global Wi-Fi venture once valued at $2B got financing based on fake work

Annual Meeting

ABA House urges legislation that would formally recognize and punish crimes against humanity

Constitutional Law

Judge tosses suit seeking removal of ‘comfort women’ memorial

Annual Meeting

Illegal trafficking of animals is becoming a growing issue in global trade

International Law

Snowden gets 3-year residency permit, is on track for Russian citizenship

Trials & Litigation

Some 17,000 seek to join law student’s Facebook class action in Austria

Trials & Litigation

Financier backs Austrian law student’s class action against Facebook; it seeks damages under US law

Criminal Justice

Judge says Russian’s arrest in Maldives was legal; he will face charges in US

Internet Law

Microsoft must give U.S. prosecutors customer email stored on server in Ireland, federal judge rules

Your ABA

Growing numbers of U.S. lawyers are doing pro bono work in other countries


Aug. 12, 1998: Swiss banks settle Holocaust claims

International Law

European court orders Poland to pay damages to two prisoners held in secret CIA jail

Constitutional Law

Firing public defender over Facebook comments violated 1st Amendment, his lawyer says

Criminal Justice

US announces historic and prehistoric event: return of several dinosaur skeletons to Mongolia


Christine Lagarde, IMF and ex-BigLaw chief, talks about women and leadership