Criminal Justice

Prosecutor seeks judge’s recusal in all pending cases, cites ‘legal advice’ email to public defender

Criminal Justice

Michigan woman is charged in alleged death threats against federal judge, prosecutor

Trials & Litigation

Appeals court says magistrate had power to hold former TV judge Joe Brown in contempt and jail him


Drop in traffic tickets causes budget shortfall for state supreme court

Death Penalty

Hundreds of attorneys petition top Texas court over law prof’s 1-year suspension from pro bono work


Man’s social media post about pending firearm case threatens judge, gets him jail and $500K bail

Trials & Litigation

Retired judge could lose pension after pleading guilty to stealing cocaine evidence in his cases

Executive Branch

Federal judge questions trust in Obama, threatens Justice Department sanctions on immigration action

Animal Law

Pet zebra mauls Arkansas judge

Criminal Procedure

Suspended judge loses round in state’s top court in fight to ax prosecutor in domestic violence case

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is accused in additional courthouse bomb threats

Trials & Litigation

Judge holds 2 public defenders in contempt in dispute over representation of client

White-Collar Crime

Convicted judge is indicted again

Criminal Justice

No defendant, no defense lawyer, no problem; trial is held and jurors convict

Court Security

Fatal courthouse shooting and violent spree still reverberate 10 years later

Legal Ethics

Judge is reprimanded for telling jurors she thought their verdict was wrong

Law in Popular Culture

Female SCOTUS justices are portrayed in LEGO form


Ferguson judge resigns after DOJ report; Missouri appeals judge will take over municipal docket


Federal judge’s wife wants prayers for men who shot her husband, says don’t hate Detroit

Immigration Law

Posner blasts ‘excessive judicial passivity’ and ‘lackluster’ lawyering in cabbie’s immigration case