New Hampshire

Government Law

Court says state AG can’t retain private law firm to pursue possible case against opioid makers

Family Law

Lawyer and her ex-husband can’t vacate divorce after reconciling, state supreme court says

Legal Ethics

Fired forensic psychologist files grievance against judge he blames for dismissal

Criminal Justice

Rape laws differ on force requirement for prosecution; how should model law be changed?

Constitutional Law

Do selfies violate laws protecting privacy in the voting booth?

Government Law

Negligent hiker injured on trail must pay $9.2K rescue bill, top state court rules


Many courts close early Monday, plan to stay shuttered Tuesday as predicted monster snowstorm looms

Law Schools

Study finds trial-advocacy program works at teaching legal skills

Criminal Justice

Vermont law student and his mother die in murder-suicide

Court Security

Glock pistol forgotten by security officer in courthouse men’s room is missing

Constitutional Law

Woman charged in wiretap case after videotaping traffic stop wins $57K settlement

Constitutional Law

1st Circuit says woman had right to video traffic stop, OKs civil rights suit against police

Constitutional Law

Lawyer arrested at school board meeting after complaining about novel on daughter’s reading list

First Amendment

Pro se plaintiff wins court victory in bid for ‘COPSLIE’ license plates

Legal Ethics

New Hampshire AG seeks to fast-track hearing on county attorney’s removal

Criminal Justice

Repeal of anti-adultery law goes to New Hampshire’s governor; 20 other states also have bans

Criminal Justice

Customer support call leads to arrest in laptop theft

Business of Law

Law firm is blank canvas for local painter in residence

Health Law

Former hospital lab tech gets 39 years for infecting patients with hepatitis C


County attorney is ordered off the job amid investigation