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Former judge with too-perfect performance reviews admits faking anxiety to get pension
A former New Hampshire judge who blamed his faked performance reviews on panic attacks compounded the problem when he cited mental health issues to receive a disability pension.
April 13, 1963: Sam Sheppard seeks a new trial

Five months before ‘The Fugitive’ first aired, F. Lee Bailey challenged the extraordinary 1954 trial and conviction of Dr. Sam Sheppard, on whose case the TV series was based.

Revealing identity of $560M Powerball winner would be invasion of privacy, judge rules

A New Hampshire judge has ruled that a woman who won $560 million in a Powerball jackpot is entitled to keep her identity secret.

Hillborough County Judge Charles Temple

Ex-lawyer on the lam is shot and killed by Florida deputies
A former New Hampshire lawyer once accused of stealing more than $1 million from clients has been shot and killed by deputies after fleeing to Florida following a new charge.
It’s difficult to describe lawyers’ situations in Puerto Rico, but hurricane damage was ‘extreme’

The impact of the hurricanes over the island was not uniform, with some areas suffering extreme devastation. There was greater havoc in the eastern and central parts of the island, so many lawyers in those communities are still without power in their offices.

Paying for Free Speech: Proposed laws would regulate public protests

“We are certainly seeing an upsurge in social activism, from protesting in the streets and at airports to a huge increase in people contacting government representatives, attending town hall meetings and using social media to organize,” says Traci Yoder, director of education and research for the National Lawyers Guild in New York City. As a result, legislators in nearly 20 states have responded with a flurry of bills that increase penalties for protesters, ban the wearing of masks, charge for police protection and even immunize drivers who hit protesters with their cars.

Homeless man spent 854 days in jail for mostly minor offenses

A homeless man in New Hampshire has spent 854 days in jail for mostly minor offenses over a six-year period at a cost to taxpayers of about $63,000.


Court says state AG can’t retain private law firm to pursue possible case against opioid makers

New Hampshire’s attorney general can’t simply hire a private law firm to pursue a potential case against pharmaceutical companies that market opioids, unless the governor and state lawmakers agree, a…

Lawyer and her ex-husband can’t vacate divorce after reconciling, state supreme court says

A New Hampshire lawyer and her one-time husband can’t vacate their July 2014 divorce after reconciling, the New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled.

The court ruled (PDF) on Dec.…

Fired forensic psychologist files grievance against judge he blames for dismissal

A former New Hampshire state forensic psychologist who was fired after showing up late for a court hearing has filed a grievance against the judge he blames for his dismissal.

Rape laws differ on force requirement for prosecution; how should model law be changed?

Updated: A majority of states still rely on the concept of force in defining rape, though the idea is “woefully out of step,” according to a law professor who has…

Do selfies violate laws protecting privacy in the voting booth?

Taking selfies in the voting booth was virtually inevitable, given the nation’s social-media-focused culture.

So, concerned that the practice could threaten voting rights, some lawmakers have expressly banned doing so.…

Negligent hiker injured on trail must pay $9.2K rescue bill, top state court rules

A Michigan man didn’t train adequately before a solo hike in New Hampshire in 2012 and ignored adverse weather reports. Now he must pay the $9,200 cost of his rescue…

Many courts close early Monday, plan to stay shuttered Tuesday as predicted monster snowstorm looms

As snow began falling Monday in what is forecast as a potential record-breaking blizzard in the Northeast, court officials joined those in charge of schools and other government offices in…

Study finds trial-advocacy program works at teaching legal skills

The University of New Hampshire School of Law isn’t alone in developing a more skills-related approach to legal education.

But its Daniel Webster Scholar Honors Program has been ongoing for…

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