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Afternoon Briefs: Prosecutor says Trump ally got break; lawyers’ extortion plea

Prosecutor to testify that Trump ally was treated better

A prosecutor who resigned in the Roger Stone case plans to tell Congress on Wednesday that his supervisors told him that…

Man charged in church shooting is accused of severely beating his public defender
A New Hampshire public defender was in intensive care after an alleged attack by a client during a jailhouse meeting.
‘Gate money’ for released prisoners is usually chump change

Some formerly incarcerated people say it’s often not enough to meet their basic needs

County attorney remains on the job after state attorney general partly takes over control of his office

A county attorney in Manchester, New Hampshire, is putting a positive spin on the state attorney general’s decision to take over the criminal prosecution functions in his office.

Hillsborough County…

Pelvic exams performed without patients’ permission spur new legislation
‘Patent troll’ has no clear meaning and is a protected statement of opinion, state high court says

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has upheld dismissal of a suit filed by an inventor and his company who claimed they were defamed by the “patent troll” label.

The court…

New Hampshire repeals death penalty; its last execution was in 1939
New Hampshire is the 21st state to abolish the death penalty.
Lawyer who blamed sleep apnea for case inaction faces 3-year suspension

A lawyer who blamed sleep apnea for his inaction on a case should be suspended but not disbarred, according to a recommendation by the New Hampshire Supreme Court’s Professional Conduct…

Women arrested for going topless at beaches lose constitutional challenge in state supreme court

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled that a city topless ban that applies only to women does not violate constitutional rights to equal protection or freedom of speech.


Breakdown: Prisons, jails house mental health patients who’ve committed no crimes

Some states use local jail cells to hold mental health patients. New Hampshire stands alone in its legal treatment of mental health patients within state prison walls.

Judge orders Amazon to provide Echo recordings in double homicide case

A judge in New Hampshire has ordered Amazon to release recordings from an Echo device in the Farmington home where two women were found fatally stabbed in January 2017.


Proposed Florida law resurrects the debate around the legal duty to help someone in distress

Florida would be in a distinct minority of states if it imposes a duty to rescue people in distress. The rule in the United States is you have no duty to rescue a stranger, and legal scholars are divided on whether that’s a good thing.

Former judge with too-perfect performance reviews admits faking anxiety to get pension
A former New Hampshire judge who blamed his faked performance reviews on panic attacks compounded the problem when he cited mental health issues to receive a disability pension.
April 13, 1963: Sam Sheppard seeks a new trial

Five months before ‘The Fugitive’ first aired, F. Lee Bailey challenged the extraordinary 1954 trial and conviction of Dr. Sam Sheppard, on whose case the TV series was based.

Revealing identity of $560M Powerball winner would be invasion of privacy, judge rules

A New Hampshire judge has ruled that a woman who won $560 million in a Powerball jackpot is entitled to keep her identity secret.

Hillborough County Judge Charles Temple

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