Trials & Litigation

Senior bin Laden aide gets life in terror case; defense argued his only crime was offensive speech


Arab Bank is held liable in first civil trial victory under anti-terrorism law

Criminal Justice

Post-9/11 ‘Tour de Force’ bikes from Boston to DC to NYC to honor terrorism victims


Padilla gets new 21-year sentence after 11th Circuit says original 17-year term was too lenient


NSA surveillance policies raise questions about the viability of the attorney-client privilege

Privacy Law

Never mind: US says it doesn’t need to redact transcript of public court hearing after all

Internet Law

Microsoft must give U.S. prosecutors customer email stored on server in Ireland, federal judge rules


CIA admits search of Senate committee’s computers

Religious Law

Cross-shaped beam found in 9/11 rubble may be displayed in Ground Zero museum, 2nd Circuit says

Media & Communications Law

Glenn Beck claims defamation plaintiff he labeled as bombing ‘money man’ is public figure

International Law

European court orders Poland to pay damages to two prisoners held in secret CIA jail

Criminal Justice

Friend of alleged Boston Marathon bomber is convicted of obstructing justice

Military Law

Defense lawyers can’t see secret order on secret motions in cases against alleged terrorist plotters

Privacy Law

Two Muslim American lawyers were subject to NSA email surveillance, report says


Benghazi suspect arraigned; trial will be in DC


No-fly list’s ‘wholly ineffective’ challenge procedure violates due process, federal judge rules

Privacy Law

Microsoft’s general counsel blasts surveillance court; federal judge upholds bulk collection of data


Claimed leader in Benghazi slaying of US ambassador is captured, will be tried here

Criminal Justice

Feds tell local law enforcement to remain silent about cellphone surveillance

Constitutional Law

7th Circuit holds do-over after secret hearing was recorded but public argument wasn’t