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Terrorism watchlist violates due process rights, federal judge rules

A federal judge in Virginia has ruled that the federal government’s terrorism watchlist violates the due process rights of U.S. citizens who are in the database. U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga of Alexandria ruled Wednesday that the government provides no notice to people who were included on the list, no explanation of the criteria or evidence used to determine watchlist status, and no process to get off the list.

Facebook isn’t liable for algorithm that put terrorist content in news feeds, 2nd Circuit rules

A federal appeals court has ruled for Facebook in a lawsuit by U.S. citizens who are victims of Hamas attacks in Israel.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at…

Breyer says SCOTUS has to decide whether Guantanamo detainees can continue to be held

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer said Monday that the high court should consider whether the Constitution permits continued detention of Guantanamo detainees.

Breyer called for Supreme Court action…

Plaintiffs seeking to hold social media liable for Pulse nightclub attack lose in 6th Circuit

A federal appeals court upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit on Tuesday seeking to hold Twitter, Facebook and Google liable for the Pulse nightclub attacks by a gunman who killed…

ABA says decision of revoked war crimes prosecutor’s visa should be reversed; no US honeymoon for this lawyer

Updated: The United States has revoked the visa of the chief prosecutor to the International Criminal Court because she has requested an investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan that could…

USS Cole lawsuit was served at wrong place, SCOTUS rules; $315M judgment reversed

Sailors and family members who sued Sudan in the USS Cole bombing served the lawsuit in the wrong place, according to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The faulty service requires reversal…

Second judge in a row leaves USS Cole case to join immigration court

This fall, the former judge in a high-profile Guantanamo terrorism case caused controversy by leaving the military in order to become an immigration judge. Another judge was appointed to replace him. Now, the replacement judge is also leaving to become an immigration judge, the Miami Herald reported Monday.

Developments in Guantanamo detainee’s case point to an uncertain future

Substantial developments in the Guantanamo military commission case against Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri have complicated an already complex and unusual situation.

The ABA Journal featured al-Nashiri’s case in its November…

New database tracks the prosecution of right-wing extremists

A new online data project is tracking far-right extremism by collecting and aggregating federal and state criminal cases against extremists, including white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Legal ethics questions and accusations of spying have stymied Guantanamo terrorism trial

Abd al-Rahim Hussein Muhammad al-Nashiri’s civilian defense team quit. They found a microphone in the room where they met with their client, who is charged in the bombing of the USS Cole. The government says that microphone was never turned on, but thanks in part to a history of spying on defense lawyers at Guantanamo, lawyers didn’t trust those reassurances.

Florida man charged in pipe bomb probe; white van with Trump stickers is seized

Updated: A Florida man has been charged in connection with more than a dozen pipe bombs sent to former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and several other prominent Democrats.

Is controversial Guantanamo judge now an immigration judge? Defense asks to throw out his rulings

A retiring military judge whose handling of a Guantanamo military trial raised eyebrows appears to have been hired as an immigration judge, the Miami Herald reported last Friday.

Kavanaugh email shows offer to prepare ex-AG Ashcroft on attorney-client monitoring issue

A 2001 email released Thursday is likely to raise new questions about U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s involvement in terrorism policies when he was an assistant White House counsel in the George W. Bush administration.

Democrats want to know whether Kavanaugh had any role in torture and detainee policies under GW Bush

Democrats are seeking files from the George W. Bush administration to learn whether Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had any role in formulating policies on the treatment of detainees.


Gitmo military commissions should end or be reformed, says report shared with Congress in ABA letter

A panel of experts in national security and military law recommends either ending or reforming the military commissions being used to try terrorism suspects at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a report the ABA shared in letters sent to two Congressional committees Tuesday.

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