Trials & Litigation

Trademark Law

Is Reese Witherspoon’s name entitled to trademark protection? Judge weighs claims in actress’ suit

Criminal Justice

Shoplifting suspects opt for $500 course because of company’s misleading statements, suit alleges

Legal Technology

IP analytics company Lex Machina is sold to LexisNexis; it plans expansion to new practice areas

White-Collar Crime

Claimed ‘Harvard-educated attorney’ is neither a grad nor a lawyer, authorities say

Constitutional Law

Lawsuit urges top state court to explain powers of AG Kathleen Kane, whose law license is suspended

Constitutional Law

New courthouse nativity display puts founding fathers, Lady Liberty next to Bill of Rights in manger

Criminal Justice

Chicago cop is charged with murder in teen’s shooting death; video will be released by Wednesday

Attorney General

2nd Circuit rules Justice Department doesn’t have to disclose additional drone-strike memos

Immigration Law

Indiana’s refusal to accept Syrian refugees violates Constitution, ACLU suit says

Tort Law

Should assumption of risk doctrine still apply to baseball? Lawyer who filed class action thinks not


DNA clears man jailed 16 years; meanwhile, ‘Teardrop Rapist’ committed more crimes

White-Collar Crime

Disbarred lawyer admits collecting $247K in disability benefits while still in practice

White-Collar Crime

Jury instructions critical in trial of former top lawmaker over $4M in legal referral fees

Attorney's Fees

Federal judge says IRS must pay $239K to lawyers in FOIA case, but nixes multiplier

Criminal Justice

Judge orders murder retrial, cites ‘overwhelmed’ PD who had 88 felony cases

Criminal Justice

Barefoot Bandit can’t profit from crime spree but studio pays $1M restitution to tell his life story

Public Defenders

PD’s office says it can’t accept any more cases; ethics prof sees triage system

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is ordered to tell future clients he is a crook, cheat, thief and liar

Legal Ethics

Senior judge reprimanded for Facebook posts about his trials

Real Estate & Property Law

Nightclub owners get probation in contempt case over stampede that killed 21