Trials & Litigation

Criminal Justice

Jury convicts PI client who, angry over $115 medical bill, physically attacked law firm employee

Trials & Litigation

Judge axes indictment against lawyers in witness-tampering case, citing improper testimony

Internet Law

Emoticons matter, judge rules in Silk Road trial

Trials & Litigation

Forcibly shaven, convicted Fort Hood shooter appears in court beardless

Trials & Litigation

Footprint, DNA links ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez to murder, gov’t says; defense cites lack of motive

Health Law

Mom accused of faking medical problems to get unneeded treatment for her children takes plea deal

Public Defenders

See the video: PD is handcuffed in court hall for refusing to step aside for police photo of client


Should Lindsay Lohan be able to call greeting fans community service? Prosecutor questions

Media & Communications Law

2nd Circuit nixes libel suit over ‘scarlet letter’ news stories that survived expunged arrest record

White-Collar Crime

Top NY lawmaker prosecuted over $3M asbestos-case referral fees exits speaker post and law firm role

The Modern Law Library

Author tells tangled tale of the $19B verdict against Chevron in ‘Law of the Jungle’ (podcast)

Trials & Litigation

Judge cuts $1.6M jury verdict for lawyer who said she was hounded by sheriff’s office to $300K

Criminal Justice

Public defender is arrested, charged with lying to court staff about his client

Constitutional Law

Judge blasts Wisconsin crime lab over evidence issues in first-degree murder case

Trials & Litigation

Feinberg OKs payment for 50 deaths from $400M GM ignition fund; compensation starts at $1M

Trials & Litigation

Fat Noodle is ‘confusingly similar’ to Chubby Noodle, restaurant says in trademark suit


Sheriff takes to the streets to round up jurors

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: It’s shaping up to be a momentous term for SCOTUS

Elder Law

Nursing homes seek guardianships of patients to ensure the bills get paid


Many courts close early Monday, plan to stay shuttered Tuesday as predicted monster snowstorm looms