Trials & Litigation

Trials & Litigation

After criminal case was dropped, ex-cop can sue to recoup his $1M defense costs, judge rules

Tort Law

‘Sizzling skillet’ at Applebee’s was ‘open and obvious’ danger to praying diner, court says

Trials & Litigation

Mistrial saves Jodi Arias from death penalty; will she get life with or without parole?

Lawyer Pay

Former prosecutor claims she was paid less than new hires due to gender bias


Was crash that killed 3 kids negligent homicide? Prosecutors cite Facebook posts, drugs, bad tires

Legal Ethics

Top state court rebuffs judge’s constitutional challenge to moonlighting ban


Sentencing for David Cassidy drunken-driving case is delayed again

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer is jailed for contempt for refusing to answer federal judge’s questions about client

Tort Law

‘Capturing the Friedmans’ defendant loses defamation suit against prosecutor

Trials & Litigation

PD’s office asks state’s top court to tell judge not to transfer cases to private counsel

U.S. Supreme Court

Can police use ‘inadvertently shed’ DNA without a warrant? SCOTUS won’t hear case raising the issue

Health Law

Nurse who got Ebola from first US patient sues hospital, says privacy was violated

Legal Technology

Law firms clash over laptops taken by departing lawyers

Criminal Justice

Teen’s texts encouraging friend’s suicide are cited in decision to charge her in his death

Legal Ethics

Juror accused of lying about her past is indicted, excused from murder trial

Law Firms

Former partner with Asperger’s alleges bonus bias, solicitation of prostitutes by colleague


Why you should do your own legwork before putting your trust in a client

Supreme Court Report

Although the ACA is 1,000 pages long, its future may depend on a single phrase


A new defense approach to storytelling changes capital cases in Texas

National Pulse

High school fumbles a last-gasp legal play over playoff game