Trials & Litigation

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Law Firms

Partner files $100M class action against Chadbourne, targets pay decisions of male ‘dictatorship’

Public Defenders

Governor appointed to represent poor defendant wins reprieve, appoints new members of PD commission

Attorney Fees

Lawyer who filed ‘multiplicity of suits’ over use of his skyline photo is ordered to pay $22K


Judge refuses for-cause challenge to potential juror wearing Confederate flag T-shirt

Internet law

Some internet customers may lose service as a result of 6th Circuit decision; FCC won’t appeal

Legal Ethics

Tim Kaine article struggled with ethics of striking jurors based on race, acknowledged he did it

Real Estate & Property Law

Did one marijuana joint make legal assistant’s home a ‘drug-related nuisance’? This AG thought so

Tort Law

Jaycee Dugard can’t sue US parole officials for poor supervision of her kidnapper, 9th Circuit says


Judge says it’s her policy to retroactively sign orders issued by appointed fill-in lawyers


Bite-mark expert stands by his testimony, though he can’t recall much about it

Disability Law

Arizona AG asks for mass dismissal of multiple ADA cases; calls lawyer’s tactics ‘systemic abuse’

Legal Ethics

Two more lawyers are permanently disbarred for DUI setup of opposing counsel

Religious Law

Top court in France tosses ‘burkini’ ban

Tort Law

Law prof loses assault suit over alleged shoulder grab by colleague

Law Firms

Judge tosses law firm’s suit claiming client raised a ruckus, causing lost business

Real Estate & Property Law

Does Airbnb have a legal responsibility to end bias by its hosts?

First Amendment

Some Kentucky restrictions on judicial-campaign speech violate First Amendment, 6th Circuit says

Trials and Litigation

Judge rules for artist Peter Doig, who says ‘Pete Doige’ painting once valued at $10M wasn’t his

Business of Law

Spurned recruiter sues BigLaw partner who used competitor; was recorded phone call a contract?

Consumer Law

Judge tosses suit claiming ice in Starbucks beverages shortchanges customers on liquid
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