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Have You Ever Quit a Job on Principle, or Without Knowing When Your Next Paycheck Was Coming?

This week, a reporter checked in with former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement, who abruptly left King & Spalding in April after the firm dropped its representation of the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives in the Defense of Marriage Act case. We also noted a young Georgia prosecutor who left his position to start a gourmet popsicle cart business with his brother.

A person ideally leaves a job because there’s a new one that’s a professional step up or offers a higher salary. But this week, we’d like to ask you: Have you ever quit a job because of a principled disagreement with your employer, or quit just because it felt like it was time to go—even if your new game plan was financially insecure or maybe even nonexistent? If so, what prompted you to walk? If you have ever been tempted to leave a job but didn’t do it, what almost pushed you over the edge, and why did you ultimately decide to stay?

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Featured answer:

Posted by Pogo: “The last time my husband went with me on one of my ‘business trips’ was to provide bodyguard protection for myself and my paralegal. Nothing like going to a rural county for a custody trial and opposing party is a member of the Sovereigns militia who has threatened to kill everyone in the case, including the judge. Otherwise, if he wants to tag along with me on my business trips, he knows I have no qualms about it. He has no problem keeping himself entertained while I work. He finds some pretty interesting places to scope out for us to enjoy together when I get finished with work.”

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