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Have You Turned to Craigslist for Clients?

We know that when consumers are on the hunt for a used set of bunk beds or a handyman, the first place they often go these days is Craigslist, a popular and free online classifieds service.

So it stands to reason that these same consumers might be open to hiring a lawyer who advertises there.

This made us wonder …

Have you done business on Craigslist? If so, tell us about your experience. If not, why not?

Answer in the comments below.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Joan: “As it is currently configured, the Kindle is a start, but still too cumbersome and expensive. Downloading caselaw should be free, since it’s free on the net. Hardbound law books are often outdated before they are published. Any e-book must include ability to highlight, mark notes and use as you would a hardcover book.

Hooking to the Internet and automatic updates of caselaw would be great.

I’d love to see a viable e-book for lawyers and law students. And, it saves trees. I’m still working on storing all files electronically. Will get there. As a solo, I’m always looking for ways to reduce overhead.”

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