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How Many Hours Per Week Do You Telecommute?


This week, Above the Law ran a blind item about a BigLaw partner who stated at a firm luncheon that he did not believe lawyers who said they were working from home; and if they are not in the office, he does not believe they were working.

The post conceded that in some cases, a supervisor may be making a correct observation: “To be fair to this face-wanting partner, we do know of a few associates for whom working from home means watching True Blood or playing Rock Band.”

But then the reverse might be true: “Sometimes we’re sitting at our computers at the office, but we’re just playing Facebook’s Lexulous. E-mails and memos exchanged seem like a better testament to work being performed.”

So what we want to ask you: How many hours per week do you telecommute? Never? Or is dialing in from home during business hours a necessary inconvenience? Or is it a conscious choice because you actually have fewer distractions outside of the office?

Answer in the comments below.

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Posted by Will: “Several years ago, I was at a conference where a state bar president was complaining about how tactless lawyer advertising is. He said, ‘Before you know it, someone will put their 800 number on airbags.’ I thought … what a great idea.”

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