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How many times have you exercised in the last 7 days? And what did you have for lunch today?


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This week, we featured an ABA Journal podcast in which we talk to two exercise physiologists who work with Olympic-caliber athletes as well as executives and companies trying to integrate exercise and healthy diets into their work lives.

“I have worked with litigators during trials,” says James Herrera, who coaches the U.S.A. Cycling BMX team, in the podcast. “I actually have a really good friend who lives here in town who is in that line of work. I have coached him for the last 10 years. We try to do simple things just to keep him active whether it be a little bit of walking or more standing than sitting during the day … increasing the intensity of his workouts because he doesn’t have the time to devote during the trial. He may only do something for 10 or 15 minutes, but he will really raise the intensity of that activity so he gets the biggest bang for the buck.”

The Center for Creative Leadership’s Sharon McDowell-Larsen, for her own part, decided based on the data on eating dairy and the negative health outcomes associated with it, to take dairy out of her diet. “I made that commitment and the first step in that commitment was not to buy [dairy],” she said in the podcast. “You tend to eat what you buy, so I didn’t bring it home. When it wasn’t at home, it wasn’t there to eat. And the second step was just sort of learning when I went out to eat, whether I got a burrito, whether I got a pizza, just order it without cheese.”

We all have to find a way to balance our workloads with our health and well-being. So this week we are polling you: How many times have you exercised in the last 7 days? And on the topic of well-being, what did you have for lunch today? Did you keep it light and healthy, or opt for fast food?

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Featured answer:

Posted by Craig Eley: “One of my hobbies is beekeeping. My day job is as a judge, and after dealing with lawyers all day I find it relatively relaxing to deal with 60,000 venomous, stinging insects (the toughest part is keeping their names straight). If people find you boring, I recommend beekeeping as a hobby. For some reason, people think I’m fascinating when I’m speaking on the subject of bees. On the subject of law, not so much.”

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