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What qualities do you look for in potential hires?


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Last week, a reader asked Corporette about tips for hiring a new assistant. “What should I look for in a new assistant? What questions should I ask during an interview?” asked the attorney, the newest in the trio of lawyers who would share the assistant.

Corporette’s Kat Griffin didn’t have any direct experience in this scenario, but thought that in this reader’s situation, the lawyer should try to get some assurance from the assistant that tasks she assigned—as the least-senior lawyer in the group—wouldn’t always be lower-priority than the other attorneys’ tasks.

This week, we’d like to ask you: What qualities do you look for in potential hires? Whether it’s an assistant, a junior attorney or just a potential new co-worker on whom management want your feedback, what would make you hire them?

Answer in the comments.

Read the answers to last week’s question: What was the most unusual (but true!) excuse you have had for being late to court or the office?

We couldn’t settle on a single featured answer. We suggest you read them all. But here are some of the highlights.

“I was late to court because …”

• Bales of hay fell off a trailer, blocking the road.
• My dog ate my filing.
• I picked up a stray coonhound that had been “skunked.”
• I broke a bone in my hand after angrily hitting the steering wheel.
• There was an eviction notice on door of my kids’ day care.
• There was a live bat in my bathtub.
• A small plane went down at the one entrance / exit of my apartment complex.
• I was holding my cat when he got spooked and slashed my neck.

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