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What Tasks--at Work or Home--Would You Outsource, If You Could? And What Would You Never Outsource?

Earlier this month, we saw a post at the blog Spend Matters on legal process outsourcing titled: “Outsourcing the Right Things for the Right Reasons.” The post discussed different imperatives a corporate law department might have for seeking to send work out: from reducing costs, to improving performance or competitiveness, to being able to provide new, previously unaffordable services to clients.

This story got us thinking about the day-to-day outsourcing we all do. What tasks—at work or at home—would you outsource, if you could? And what would you never outsource, on ethical principle or because of concerns about quality? At the office, do you think that it doesn’t pay to outsource even nonlegal work, or are there tasks that eat up your billable time that you wish you could find a way to hire out (like blogging, for instance)? At home, what tasks do you (or would, if the service were available and if you could afford it) outsource, and what tasks would you never trust anyone else to handle?

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Featured answer:

From SnarkyAtLaw: “2) Did you get the position you wanted, or did you compromise? Compromise. I took a bad job, for a bad employer, for little money in the city I wanted to live.

“3) How many interviews did you go on? 15-20, including one for a tax debt settlement company.

“4) What was your salary range for that first job? $45,000; not enough to pay student loans and rent. I lived in a friend’s garage and worked nights at Express.”

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