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What's the biggest mistake a boss, co-worker or underling has made that you've had to fix?


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Last month at the Velvet Hammer, Seattle litigator Karen Koehler wrote about dealing with staffers’ mistakes.

“Staff errors can involve forgetting to properly note a motion,” Koehler wrote. “Setting up the deposition but forgetting to invite a court reporter. Not providing the court with working copies. Miscalculating dates. Forgetting to calendar dates. And many worse things.”

Of course, the shoe is sometimes on the other foot, with those lower on the totem pole having to turn on a dime and deal with their bosses’ mistakes.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: What’s the biggest mistake a boss, co-worker or underling has made that you’ve had to fix?

Answer in the comments.

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Posted by Guest: “I’ve broken down associate hiring into a formula, and it’s it’s proven pretty accurate: (200/Law school ranking) + [100/class rank percentile] x 1.25 if played college-level sports.”

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