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Which Celebrity Do You Think Would Make a Great Attorney in Real Life and Why?


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Sometimes, child actors and star athletes grow up to be attorneys. In recent years, law blog Bitter Lawyer has interviewed both Jeff Cohen, aka “Chunk” from the 1985 movie Goonies and now a top entertainment lawyer; and Len Elmore, a onetime NBA player who later worked as a prosecutor and at large New York City law firms.

But this week, taking inspiration from the American Bar Association’s Facebook page, we’re wondering not only who might be but who might have been. So tell us: Which celebrity do you think would make a great attorney in real life and why? Who do you think might have the career savvy, the temperament, the brain power or all three to excel in the legal field?

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Posted by Jennifer Willner: “For me, if the second (or, gasp, third) attempt at contact doesn’t result in a return call or email, repeat contacts cross the line into harassment. I prefer getting a query via email. It’s easier for me to be polite and respond to an email. If the first or second attempt get a response from me, don’t bother me again. One young lawyer who wanted to engineer a mentor relationship sent me an email. I didn’t respond right away. A week went by. I got another email from this young lawyer consisting of a forward of the first email. I was really annoyed.”

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