Health Law

Personal Lives

Lawyer is more worried about climate change than Ebola; chance of wedding-shop exposure is remote

Health Law

Harvard University restricts travel to Ebola-stricken countries

Health Law

Does Ebola fight require giving up civil liberties?

Environmental Law

Report: Lax regulation puts employees and patrons of gun ranges at risk of lead poisoning

Trials & Litigation

Judge clears courtroom after noticing police report said arrestee claimed to have Ebola

Health Law

TRO bans incinerated Ebola waste from being transported to Louisiana

Criminal Justice

Arrested on misdemeanor, man now faces felony case over claimed false Ebola statements at jail

Health Law

Officials not amused by airline passenger’s claimed Ebola joke, send hazmat team onto plane

Disability Law

When are wellness programs too punitive? EEOC says two companies crossed the line

Heatlh Law

Authority for Ebola quarantine ‘is as American as apple pie’

Health Law

Video shows teen isn’t really brain dead, lawyer asserts; revocation of death certificate sought

Trials & Litigation

5th Circuit overturns stay on Texas abortion law; 13 of 21 remaining clinics closed overnight


Suit claims Glen Campbell cut production company out of Alzheimer’s documentary

Your ABA

They’re No Hacks: Technology takes center stage as a tool to improve access to justice

Trials & Litigation

Big Tobacco appeals court-mandated anti-smoking advertisements

Executive Branch

Researchers studying gun violence get federal funds for the first time in nearly 20 years

Legal Ethics

11th Circuit cites Bible, labels lawyer’s action a ‘textbook example of bad faith’

Health Law

New York Times article on hidden hospital costs sparks calls for change, suggestions for consumers

Constitutional Law

Convicted in WikiLeaks case, Chelsea Manning sues feds to get medical treatment for gender disorder

Criminal Justice

Mom goes to jail for ordering abortion pills without a prescription for her daughter