Health Law


Guantanamo lawyer’s concerns about cancer cluster are being investigated

Health Law

Sale of fetal tissue is legal, but prices for processing are a ‘gray and musty area’

Entertainment & Sports Law

Top sports court nixes IAAF testosterone-based ban on some female athletes


Do payment guidelines for human egg donors violate antitrust law? Class action moves toward trial

Sentencing/Post Conviction

US seeks unprecedented life sentence for peanut executive in food safety case

Criminal Justice

Jury finds James Holmes eligible for death penalty in Batman movie-theater massacre

Insurance Law

Insurance coverage denials not unusual when illegal behavior is alleged, but not proven

Science & Technology Law

Do you have a right to neural privacy? Linking of animal brains raises issue

Trials & Litigation

Hospital released man while he was delusional, says widow of slain attorney in lawsuit

Bankruptcy Law

Will the Affordable Care Act lead to fewer personal bankruptcy filings?

National Pulse

Lawyers quarrel over tort liability after the Disneyland measles outbreak

Constitutional Law

Divided US Supreme court votes 5-4 to freeze Texas abortion law as it mulls whether to hear appeal

Health Law

California lawmakers OK bill requiring parents to vaccinate their children

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court reads health law to allow subsidies in all states; Scalia fumes about ‘SCOTUScare’

U.S. Supreme Court

A SCOTUS ruling against administration on health-care law could cite this case to avoid sudden chaos

Tort Law

Jury awards patient $500K due to doctor’s defamatory comments while he was sedated for colonoscopy

Trials & Litigation

Jury awards $2.2M to 2 workers who sued over DNA tests to ID ‘devious defecator’

Health Law

Appeals court rebukes judge for breastfeeding ban on mom who got a tattoo, overturns order

Criminal Justice

Feds arrest 243 in record $712M health care billing-fraud bust

U.S. Supreme Court

Comments by Ginsburg, Kennedy lead prognosticators to predict votes on gay marriage, health law