Health Law

Health Law

Doctors question required advice to women in new Arizona abortion law

Criminal Justice

Sterilization of defendants in connection with plea deals is unacceptable, says DA

Aviation & Space Law

Deadly Alps crash by co-pilot leads to recommendations for changes in aviation regulations

Products Liability

After boy’s death from allergic reaction to cookie, family sues; says store violated labeling laws

Business of Law

Five-partner health-care group exits Nelson Mulllins to open new office in Raleigh for Chicago firm

Science & Technology Law

Scientists call for moratorium on DNA editing that can be passed to future generations

Executive Branch

Predictions of health-care law’s possible demise ignore this contingency plan

Criminal Justice

Bail set at $2M for man accused of driving to mental hospital with girlfriend’s body in his vehicle

Real Estate & Property Law

Judge says man can’t smoke in his own home due to neighbor’s 2nd-hand smoke concerns

U.S. Supreme Court

Could a ruling for Obama on health-care law allow its future ‘death spiral’?

U.S. Supreme Court

Possible swing justices don’t tip their hands in health-care arguments

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS rejects requests for overflow room, same-day audio of health-law arguments

Health Law

Nurse who got Ebola from first US patient sues hospital, says privacy was violated

Supreme Court Report

Although the ACA is 1,000 pages long, its future may depend on a single phrase

Your ABA

ABA Health Law Section task force is helping breast cancer patients

Question of the Week

Should vaccination be required by law?

Military Law

Failing to disclose HIV status before swinger sex is not aggravated assault, military top court says

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: SCOTUS gets another look at the Affordable Care Act

U.S. Supreme Court

Plaintiffs challenging health law may not have standing; one is unsure how she was chosen for case

Health Law

Dentist is charged with criminally negligent homicide in patient’s death due to tooth extractions