Internet Law

Obiter Dicta

What’s the evidentiary standard for emojis?

Criminal Justice

‘One man’s vulgarity is another man’s lyric,’ says judge acquitting man in Twitter case

Internet Law

Verdict looms in first Canadian criminal case involving claimed Twitter harassment

Trusts & Estates

Widow says Apple wanted death certificate, will and court order to reveal spouse’s password

Internet Law

Tagging woman in Facebook post violates no-contact order, judge rules

Internet Law

Lawyer’s $350K win for defamatory online review is upheld on appeal

Real Estate & Property Law

Hackers are stealing closing funds by intercepting lawyer-client email, experts say

Law Firms

Appeals court tosses suit against law firms that represented Ceglia in Facebook ownership claim

Opening Statements

You can sue someone who broke into your email, but you’d better find proof fast

National Pulse

FAA claims that airplane ride-arranging sites violate federal regulations

Internet Law

Uber-type flight app shuts down after DC Circuit decision

Human Rights

China human rights lawyer gets suspended sentence for online posts

Internet Law

Law prof proposes law to shut down ISIS recruitment online; is it constitutional?

International Law

Chinese officers scuffle with protesters outside trial of human-rights lawyer

Internet Law

Moms sue Mattel, saying ‘Hello Barbie’ doll violates privacy

Criminal Justice

Appeals court tosses conviction in ‘cannibal cop’ case, says fantasizing about murder isn’t a crime

Internet Law

Former Internet provider can finally reveal what the FBI wanted to know in 2004, judge rules

U.S. Supreme Court

California woman who bought Eurail pass in US can’t sue here for Austrian accident, SCOTUS says

Internet Law

Teenager whose prank calls sent armed SWAT teams to dozens of US homes got 16 months

Internet Law

Belgium authorities ask for Internet silence on police ops; Twitterverse responds with cat memes