Internet Law

Real Estate & Property Law

Man is jailed for refusing to turn over Facebook and Twitter passwords in business bankruptcy case

Internet Law

Business can’t get access to identities of Yelp reviewers in Virginia suit, state high court says

Antitrust Law

Google is accused by European Union of violating antitrust laws

Intellectual Property Law

Amazon sues over claimed fake reviews posted on its site

Internet Law

Blogging law prof didn’t defame plaintiff with ‘between the lines’ analysis, appeals court says

Internet Law

Online art seller agrees to guilty plea in justice’s first e-commerce price-fixing prosecution

Trials & Litigation

Suit says ‘zombie cookies’ were used to revive deleted ad-tracking information

Civil Procedure

Lawyer can use client’s Facebook account to serve husband with divorce summons, judge says

Privacy Law

Does Facebook’s facial recognition technology violate privacy laws?


Uber info helps ID driver suspected in break-in attempt at home of fare he drove to airport

Your ABA

When is posting on social media a crime? Panel debates the issue

Criminal Justice

Feds say 2 of their agents in Silk Road probe laundered Bitcoins; one is accused of working as mole

Civil Procedure

Oops! Mislabeled docket notices don’t excuse blown deadline in $40M appeal, appeals court says

Law Practice Management

Lawyer settles infringement suit over stock photos on his website

Criminal Justice

Rapper Tiny Doo wins dismissal of charges tied to his lyrics

Social Media Law

Revised Facebook rules allow ‘artistic’ nudity and ‘authentic identity’; nix revenge porn

Consumer Law

Apartment owner axes controversial lease provision that allowed $10K fine for social media criticism

Internet Law

Yik Yak is ‘the Wild West of anonymous social apps,’ law prof says

Criminal Justice

Litigant who claimed he owned half of Facebook disappears ahead of fraud trial

Trials & Litigation

Colorado lawyer wins $150K libel award against UK Internet troll who criticized his law firm