Internet Law

Internet Law

Suit claims Google’s listings for unlicensed locksmiths harmed licensed business

Corporate Law

Are tech elite above the law? Columnist questions whether industry promotes lawless hubris

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit says paroled sex offenders don’t have to provide their Web names and addresses to police

First Amendment

Google wins SLAPP motion, has constitutional right to list search results as it wishes

Internet Law

Authorities arrest 17, take down 410 illegal sites in Web raid infiltrating Tor anonymity software

Insurance Law

Is an Uber ride covered if an accident occurs? Insurance representatives are dubious

Legal Ethics

Federal appeals court blasts attorney for forwarding chief judge’s congratulatory email

Copyright Law

Federal judge says lawyer must pay $87K for filing ‘objectively baseless’ suit over Web news posts

National Pulse

Bully Fighting: New York’s high court says anti-cyberbullying law won’t pass First Amendment muster

Trials & Litigation

Charles Schwab sues law firm and its client for libel over ‘’ website

Internet Law

FBI faked Associated Press news story to identify teen suspect in high school bomb-threats case

Consumer Law

FTC sues AT&T over claims about smartphone data plans, says ‘unlimited means unlimited’

Internet Law

One-third of top websites have clauses to restrict consumer lawsuits

Criminal Justice

Federal judge in $1.2B Silk Road drug case is threatened online

Trials & Litigation

Facebook sues DLA Piper, other firms, 9 attorneys, says they conspired on fraudulent case


‘Comedy’ video of woman using drugs and criticizing probation officer puts her behind bars


Admissions requests in federal judge’s divorce case are like rhetorical questions, his lawyer says

Internet Law

Law requiring sex offenders to reveal Internet aliases does not violate First Amendment, court rules

Government Law

Judge apologizes for explicit emails, blasts state’s chief justice for ‘vindictive’ attacks

Government Law

Latest fallout in AG’s ‘porngate’ probe: State supreme court judge sent or received over 200 emails