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30 Lawyers Pick 30 Books Every Lawyer Should Read

But the books we treasure are often not the most obvious. They bring us what we need in a moment when we seem to need it—whether that moment is sweet or desperate or curious or lost. They bring us hope or verification or insight. They teach us, or warn us, or inspire us, or incite us. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, they help us define who and what we are—or what we are a part of, or what we have and can yet endure.

So here we present the books these 30 lawyers care about enough to recommend to you. They are not necessarily the “greatest” or most popular. We’ve not ranked them or reviewed them. They are simply special to the lawyers we asked.

But read their choices, consider them and, if you care to, make your own recommendation in the comments below. Above all, have fun. —The Editors

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