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‘Seinfeld’ episode inspired new telemarketing law in New Jersey

Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill last week that that requires telemarketers to provide a callback number and to identify themselves and whom they represent within 30 seconds.

Celebrity trials inspire new wave of online merchandise

Several online retailers are jumping on a new trend—creating and selling mugs, hats and sweatshirts that are inspired by celebrities and their legal mishaps.

Kagan, Sotomayor write dueling opinions in SCOTUS fair-use ruling against Andy Warhol Foundation

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan complained in a dissent Thursday that a majority ruling by liberal colleague Justice Sonia Sotomayor had adopted a “posture of indifference” and left “in shambles” part of a fair-use test used in copyright cases.

Why lawyers in Young Slime Life trial got a free lunch from strip club

A defense lawyer in the racketeering case against the YSL gang treated other lawyers in the criminal case to a lunch of chicken wings as a result of a judge’s order. The wings came from Magic City, described as an “iconic strip club” in Atlanta.

Copyright case against Ed Sheeran based on ‘an extremely common chord progression,’ law prof says

Civil rights lawyer Benjamin L. Crump told jurors in Manhattan, New York City, in opening statements Tuesday that he has “a smoking gun” showing that singer Ed Sheeran copied the Marvin Gaye song “Let’s Get It On” when he wrote “Thinking Out Loud.”

Examining NBC’s new ‘Night Court’ and new judges

I’ve never given much thought to being a judge. Sure, the idea comes to mind every election cycle, and I’ve been approached by a few individuals a couple of different times regarding throwing my hat in the ring. Still, I’ve never taken the notion seriously. First of all, I love my job as a criminal defense attorney. Secondly, as tough as it is to advocate for the legally damned, I think adjudicating someone to legal damnation would be more challenging.

Lady Gaga failed to pay promised $500K for return of stolen bulldogs, suit alleges; plaintiff was charged in case

Singer and songwriter Lady Gaga promised to pay $500,000 with “no questions asked” for the return of her stolen French bulldogs but did not follow through when a woman later arrested in connection with the theft brought the bulldogs to a police station, a lawsuit alleges.

‘Rust’ and a look at criminal liability on movie sets

No profession is free from potential tragedy. It can come in various shapes and sizes to some degree or another, but the notion of someone dying while on a typical job is far from the realm of expectations. While these tragedies are always, well, tragic, death seems to hit on a different level when it happens in what should be a somewhat controlled environment. In that circumstance, as opposed to repercussions stemming from recklessness or a total disregard for safety, it is even more devastating when the death happens in the public eye for all the world to analyze.

Examining juvenile crime and punishment in songs

In the years since its initial release, “I Hung My Head” has been covered by both Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen. In fact, if you perform a Google search for the track’s title, it’s Cash’s version that appears first and foremost.

Breaking up is hard to do, Greenberg Traurig learns after finally succeeding in dropping rapper Ye

Greenberg Traurig has finally served notice on rapper Ye that it is dropping him as a client. The law firm was able to serve the rapper formerly known as Kanye West with the help of a California lawyer.

Prosecutors face obstacles in prosecution of Alec Baldwin and armorer for cinematographer’s death

New Mexico’s involuntary manslaughter caselaw could raise obstacles for prosecutors who plan to charge actor Alec Baldwin and his armorer for the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Despite ‘diligent efforts,’ Greenberg Traurig can’t find rapper Ye to inform him it’s dropping him

Greenberg Traurig wants to drop the rapper Ye as a client but has been unable to serve him with a notice of withdrawal from a copyright lawsuit, the law firm informed a federal judge Friday.

Potential juror for Young Thug trial ordered to write 30-page essay after skipping return to court

A juror who skipped a return court appearance to be considered as a juror in the trial of rapper Young Thug has been ordered to write a 30-page essay focusing on the history of jury service in Georgia.

‘Romeo and Juliet’ actors file child-abuse suit for 1968 nude scene filmed while they were teens

The actors who were teenagers when they portrayed Romeo and Juliet in the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet are relying on a California law to sue Paramount Pictures for filming them in the nude.

Law school is investigated for Judge Judy’s female-only scholarship program

New York Law School is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights for a scholarship program for women funded by Judge Judy Sheindlin, according to a report.

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