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Self-care gap expands as female lawyers spend less time on themselves, report more burnout

Female lawyers are spending less time on self-care and experiencing more burnout than their male counterparts, according to new survey findings.

BigLaw firm promotes 205 lawyers to partner

Kirkland & Ellis has promoted 205 lawyers to partner, the highest number that it has ever reported.

Justices drop ‘respectfully’ in some dissents, but SCOTUS rancor is tamer than in past

The usual phrase used by U.S. Supreme Court dissenters is “I respectfully dissent.” But some justices dropped “respectfully” in major dissents last term and in their joint dissent in the 2022 Supreme Court decision overturning the right to abortion.

Life sentence sought for man convicted of selling fentanyl-laced cocaine that killed Akin Gump associate

Federal prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for a drug dealer convicted for delivering cocaine laced with fentanyl to a BigLaw associate and two other New York City professionals, resulting in their deaths.

Justice Thomas recuses himself for first time in election-related case; ex-law prof wanted email ruling vacated

Justice Clarence Thomas recused himself on Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case of former Chapman University law professor John Eastman, who wanted to vacate…

Meet Arthur Engoron, the ‘somewhat quirky’ judge deciding fate of Trump and his businesses in civil trial

The New York trial judge who is presiding in the state’s civil fraud trial against former President Donald Trump is a former cab driver and music teacher who has a penchant for pop culture references and puns.

Keeping Up Appearances

Dress code expectations for lawyers are evoked in the name of professionalism and steeped in tradition. But advocates say that centuries-old grooming dictates have negatively impacted people of color, women, those with disabilities and LGBTQ folks and need to evolve. Many question their necessity.

A code of ethics is necessary to restore trust in the Supreme Court

“Trust in our institutions of government is a central tenet of our democracy. As lawyers, we are acutely aware that our democracy depends on faith in our court systems. … As members of the American Bar Association, it is our duty to safeguard and further our nearly century-long commitment as national leaders in defining the parameters of legal and judicial ethics.”

Some attorneys are using ChatGPT to help them practice more efficiently

Attorneys across the globe are tapping into a not-so-secret resource that is saving them time, money and brain expenditure.

How far should lawyers go to make sure their clients aren’t using them to launder money?

Lawyer and military vet now fights his biggest battle: ALS

When I interviewed for a summer associate position, I aimed for a firm with the people and culture I thought would help me understand what it meant to be an attorney for the biggest companies in the world. Five years later, those same people would help me face the biggest challenge of my life and a new set of terrifying letters: ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease).

How the crime-fraud exception can threaten attorney-client privilege

Florida lawyer creates the role models he didn’t have through a children’s book

“It’s been my goal to try to change the imagery of what attorneys look like to kids,” says Okoye Morgan Jr., founder and general counsel of The Black Law Company in Tampa, Florida.

Former NSA and CIA general counsel has made it her mission to strengthen national security through civic education

Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker has spent decades dealing with national security. Today, Parker’s focus isn’t spies, surveillance or foreign governments. It’s education—specifically, inadequate civic education from elementary school to graduate school. When Americans don’t understand the foundations of their democracy, they are susceptible to misinformation and manipulation, she says. In her view, civic education is a national security imperative.

The goal of DEI is not without legal risk for corporate America

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