Newest Issue - December 2013


7th Annual Blawg 100

It’s our lucky seventh time at this blog-ranking rodeo. Does luck come into play as we assemble our list? Perhaps. Maybe it’s a lucky break for a blogger when one of its readers takes the time to write to us to make sure we give it serious consideration. There are thousands of legal blogs, after all.

But really, it’s a blogger’s dedication, creativity and engagement with readers and the other minds of the legal blogosphere that make us take notice. We think our familiarity with these blogs ultimately makes us better legal journalists—and getting to know them might make you a better lawyer. At the very least, you might find kindred spirits who articulate the highs and lows of practice with wit and empathy.

What do you think of our picks? You can peruse an alphabetical list below. To vote for your favorites by category, click here. The polls open Nov. 25 and shut down at close of business Dec. 20. Each person gets a total of 13 votes, to distribute as they see fit among the blogs they like, with a limit of 1 vote per person, per blog. Once you’ve used all 13 votes, you’ll notice the “Vote Now!” buttons will disappear. If you have trouble voting or questions about anything else, please see our Blawg 100 FAQ.

And click here for a list of these bloggers’ Twitter handles to help you track their latest posts and musings.

Congrats to the writers who made this year’s list—and especially to those we added to the hall of fame this year. We salute you.


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