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Are You Suspicious of People Who Don't Have a Web Presence?

This week at The Not-So-Private Parts, Forbes blogger Kashmir Hill responded to commenter backlash to a post she wrote last week citing Slashdot and Slate that drew the conclusion that it’s suspect for an individual not to have a Facebook account. Hill herself doesn’t feel this way, noting that her own boyfriend is not on Facebook.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: Are you suspicious of people who don’t have a Web presence? If they don’t have their own website, aren’t on their employer’s website, aren’t on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, do you start to doubt whether they are who they say they are?

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Steve Hayes: “I was an office guy for years, with occasional work from home. Illness has confined me to home for the most part since March (recuperating from Stage IVB cancer) but technology has now allowed me to work as much as I can with little difference between venues. There are distractions at home and work, but the biggest difference is that it’s harder to know when to stop working. The separation of work and home that is necessary for a balanced life is tougher to maintain. Am I more productive at home than work? Yes, for the present, but I also fear losing what Steve Covey called taking time to sharpen the saw.”

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