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Some attorneys are using ChatGPT to help them practice more efficiently

Attorneys across the globe are tapping into a not-so-secret resource that is saving them time, money and brain expenditure.

Increasing Contractual Insight: AI’s role in contract lifecycle management

It seems that not a day goes by without a new generative artificial intelligence, or GAI, software announcement in the legal technology space. The rate of advancement has been rapid, and new GAI large language model products are being developed incredibly quickly. No matter your practice areas or firm size, there is undoubtedly a generative AI tool in development that has the potential to significantly streamline your daily workflow.

After abrupt resignation, legal tech CEO faces groping allegations

Legal technology CEO Kiwi Camara’s resignation last week has been followed by a new report suggesting that the executive allegedly groped a young female employee at a company dinner.

4 ways to grow your new law firm without overextending yourself

Before you start drafting a plan to expand your firm into new territories or practice new areas of law, it’s important that you don’t fall into the habit of overworking yourself in order to achieve your business goals.

Former ABA executive director joins Rocket Lawyer, hopes to expand access to justice

Former ABA Executive Director Jack Rives hopes to play a role in expanding access to justice in his new position at online legal services company Rocket Lawyer.

What is the future of remote working in the law firm world?

Is it only a matter of time before we’re back to being physically present in the office at least five times per week? Or will the virtual or hybrid arrangements that have taken hold be as resilient as the billable hour?

Law Firm Finances Simplified: Selecting legal billing software

If getting paid for the legal work you perform is important, then you already know why legal billing software is an indispensable tool. However, now that generative artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT have burst upon the software scene, legal billing systems can seem mundane since they are practical and reliable rather than an exciting new category of software. Yet the importance of this software has not diminished and remains a key element of the infrastructure that supports modern profitable law firms.

More Americans are concerned about AI’s role in daily life, new data shows

More than half of Americans feel more concerned than excited about the increased use of artificial intelligence, according to results of a new national survey released Monday.

3 legal tech founders share their perspectives on raising money in the current environment

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Katherine Allen, the CEO of Flo Recruit; Ross Guberman, the CEO of BriefCatch; and Jim Wagner, the CEO of the Contract Network.

What’s at ‘steak’ for artificial intelligence and litigation practice? AI is not A1

This is a good a time as any to talk about artificial intelligence. In four words: I don’t like it. I am a technophobe. I spent more than 40 years in a litigation practice in the Toronto area, and given the rapid technological advances, I can easily say I’m happy I retired. I actually practiced in the days where we used typewriters, carbon paper and liquid Wite-Out. I started in 1974 B.C. (Before Computers), which qualifies me sufficiently to comment on the subject of AI. I don’t even like Google.

‘The Real Game-Changer’: Dentons is latest major firm to launch GPT-powered chatbot

Dentons has become the latest major law firm to utilize generative artificial intelligence, announcing that it will roll out a propriety GPT-based chatbot to lawyers to use on client work.

California Innocence Project harnesses generative AI for work to free wrongfully convicted

Updated: Several major law firms are using generative AI chatbots for their work. But as more and more lawyers adopt the new technology to maintain a competitive edge, there may be an opportunity to deliver speedy and affordable legal services to the public.

‘Cybersecurity is a journey,’ and lawyers’ knowledge must be up to date, ABA House says

The House of Delegates approved a trio of cybersecurity-related resolutions that urge lawyers and organizations to tighten cybersecurity measures and urge education about emerging technologies. One resolution was focused on Congress and federal agencies, another on lawyers and law firms, and the third on law schools.

The Future Is Now: The rise of AI-powered legal assistants

Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about generative AI tools like ChatGPT. The potential efficiency gains these tools offer legal professionals are mind-boggling—and possibly career-changing. If predictions are correct, many aspects of legal work will be impacted by generative AI, and some functions may even be replaced in the years to come.

Legal ops co-founders discuss ‘the value of running legal like a business’

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Connie Brenton and Jeff Franke, the founders of LegalOps.com, a membership community providing legal operations and other professionals with resources and events, including an inaugural conference in October.

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