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Major legal AI tool set is expanding its capabilities

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vLex Vincent

“With Vincent AI, you no longer have to choose between innovative technology and comprehensive content,” said vLex CEO Lluís Faus in a statement. (Screenshot from the vLex Vincent AI interface)

On Tuesday, legal technology company vLex announced that it is expanding the Vincent AI platform, offering attorneys access to more than 1 billion documents from around the world to help with contracts, pleadings and motions.

The new Vincent AI Document Analyze is designed to assist law firms with analyzing complex legal documents and drafting strategic responses. Unlike many artificial intelligence-augmented legal research tools, Vincent AI can be used in the United States and abroad—in this case, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, the European Union, Singapore, Mexico, Chile, New Zealand and Colombia.

“With Vincent AI, you no longer have to choose between innovative technology and comprehensive content,” said vLex CEO Lluís Faus in a statement. “Our platform offers a seamless integration of both, setting a new standard in efficiency, customization and effectiveness across all legal practices.”

Vincent AI can develop legal arguments, summarize documents, analyze claims, generate a defense and anticipate counterarguments. Everything produced by the bot is hyperlinked to primary and secondary law materials, so attorneys can verify the data.

vLex also launched vLex Labs, an in-house program led by Dan Hoadley, the head of research and development. vLex Labs was designed to help select lawyers create AI workflows with the use of a dedicated implementation team.

The new vLex developments follow the April 2023 vLex and Fastcase merger and the October launch of the beta version of the tool. At the time of the merger, the company said it planned to create the largest global legal research library worldwide.

“It’s the broadest legal research library in the world,” says Ed Walters, the chief strategy officer of vLex and the co-founder of Fastcase, a legal tech company.

When comparing laws in different countries, Vincent AI will translate the query to search in the international language and translate results to English. Set the AI to “self-updating,” and it will update and alert you when new laws are enacted.

One vLex skill is its ability to compare jurisdictions in all 50 states. So with one click, you can get an instant response from the entire country, Walters says.

To support the tool, the team is uploading 3 million documents per day. And the team created software that can identify everything in the documents, so you don’t have to do extra searches or open other platforms to discover judges’ names, complaints and timelines.

Vincent AI’s primary competitors in the market are Harvey and Casetext’s CoCounsel, but neither has the international reach delivered by Vincent AI. The price of vLex varies by the size of the firm.

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