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Some attorneys are using ChatGPT to help them practice more efficiently

Attorneys across the globe are tapping into a not-so-secret resource that is saving them time, money and brain expenditure.

ABA president announces Martin Scorsese, Dolores Huerta to join new speaker series

Beginning in October, ABA members will hear directly from Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese, labor rights icon Dolores Huerta and other influential thinkers and trailblazers.

Increasing Contractual Insight: AI’s role in contract lifecycle management

It seems that not a day goes by without a new generative artificial intelligence, or GAI, software announcement in the legal technology space. The rate of advancement has been rapid, and new GAI large language model products are being developed incredibly quickly. No matter your practice areas or firm size, there is undoubtedly a generative AI tool in development that has the potential to significantly streamline your daily workflow.

‘I see legal finance moving into ubiquity,’ says litigation funding company co-COO

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with David Perla, the co-chief operating officer at Burford Capital, a litigation funding company and a leading provider of legal finance.

Interested in trying AI to write? It’s as easy as opening a document

“A founding father” of bar exam software cautions that human knowledge and judgment are needed to make sure that AI-generated writing is accurate.

Grisham, other legal novelists among authors suing OpenAI for using their copyrighted work

Several legal novelists, including John Grisham and Scott Turow, are among 17 authors joining with the Authors Guild in a proposed class action lawsuit against the artificial intelligence program OpenAI.

ABA’s AI task force will provide lawyers with practical tips, starting with Sept. 28 webinar

Through the next year, the ABA’s Task Force on the Law and Artificial Intelligence will provide practical information to help lawyers navigate and responsibly use AI, as well as recommendations and reports on several key issues.

4 ways to grow your new law firm without overextending yourself

Before you start drafting a plan to expand your firm into new territories or practice new areas of law, it’s important that you don’t fall into the habit of overworking yourself in order to achieve your business goals.

Former ABA executive director joins Rocket Lawyer, hopes to expand access to justice

Former ABA Executive Director Jack Rives hopes to play a role in expanding access to justice in his new position at online legal services company Rocket Lawyer.

If law schools prohibit ChatGPT in writing, can they back it up?

Using artificial intelligence to write admissions essays now comes with significant risks at the University of Michigan Law School, which recently asked applicants to certify that they did not use the technology for drafting purposes.

Copyright Law and Generative AI: What a mess

“A lot of these [copyright] issues have existed for some time,” says a partner and chair of the software and IT practice at Knobbe Martens in its Seattle office. “It’s coming to the forefront of communications because of the availability [of generative AI].”

More Americans are concerned about AI’s role in daily life, new data shows

More than half of Americans feel more concerned than excited about the increased use of artificial intelligence, according to results of a new national survey released Monday.

3 legal tech founders share their perspectives on raising money in the current environment

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Katherine Allen, the CEO of Flo Recruit; Ross Guberman, the CEO of BriefCatch; and Jim Wagner, the CEO of the Contract Network.

Art generated by AI can’t be copyrighted, DC court says

Art created by artificial intelligence cannot receive copyright protection under U.S. law, a federal judge ruled last week in a case that could influence the outcomes of future disputes over authorship and intellectual property.

What’s at ‘steak’ for artificial intelligence and litigation practice? AI is not A1

This is a good a time as any to talk about artificial intelligence. In four words: I don’t like it. I am a technophobe. I spent more than 40 years in a litigation practice in the Toronto area, and given the rapid technological advances, I can easily say I’m happy I retired. I actually practiced in the days where we used typewriters, carbon paper and liquid Wite-Out. I started in 1974 B.C. (Before Computers), which qualifies me sufficiently to comment on the subject of AI. I don’t even like Google.

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