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Latest version of ChatGPT aces bar exam with score nearing 90th percentile

The latest version of the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT has passed the Uniform Bar Examination by “a significant margin,” earning a combined score of 297 that surpasses even the high threshold of 273 set by Arizona.

DoNotPay doesn’t live up to its billing as a ‘robot lawyer,’ offers ‘substandard’ legal docs, suit claims

A would-be class action lawsuit alleges that the DoNotPay website is engaged in the unauthorized practice of law and is harming its customers by providing legal services that are “substandard and poorly done.”

Can ChatGPT help law students learn to write better?

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot that can speak and write like humans, can be weak on facts but may already be a better wordsmith than some attorneys, according to David Kemp, an adjunct professor at Rutgers Law School.

How can lawyers use AI to improve their practice?

As cool as it is that artificial intelligence can generate text, that’s not what will matter most to the practice of law in the coming months and years, said Pablo Arredondo, co-founder and chief innovation officer at Casetext, a legal technology company that aims to improve access to legal research.

Techshow vendors relish return to exhibition floor amid ChatGPT buzz

ChatGPT was on the minds of vendors and attendees at the ABA Techshow 2023 on Thursday, as hundreds gathered for the ABA’s first fully in-person legal technology event in three years.

Does ChatGPT produce fishy briefs?

Lawyers are abuzz about the possible uses of ChatGPT. Could the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot write a persuasive legal brief worthy of judicial consideration? The ABA Journal decided to put the technology to the test just for kicks.

The Case for ChatGPT: Why lawyers should embrace AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the world in which we work and live. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that AI-related transformation is already happening, and the legal industry is not immune.

Meet Harvey, BigLaw firm’s artificial intelligence platform based on ChatGPT

Allen & Overy has adopted an artificial intelligence platform dubbed “Harvey” to help its lawyers generate and access legal content. The platform was adapted from OpenAI’s ChatGPT software.

Madison Square Garden lifts ban on some lawyers as it explores sale of Tao Group

The Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. has made a change to a policy that bans lawyers from its venues if they have "active litigation against the company."

ABA House adopts 3 guidelines to improve use of artificial intelligence

The House of Delegates adopted a resolution at the 2023 ABA Midyear Meeting on Monday that addresses how attorneys, regulators and other stakeholders should assess issues of accountability, transparency and traceability in artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT is asked 50 questions about Supreme Court; it got only 21 questions right

SCOTUSblog has no worries that its coverage of the Supreme Court will be displaced by the artificial intelligence program known as ChatGPT.

Traffic court defendants lose their ‘robot lawyer’

A “robot lawyer” won’t be representing two traffic court defendants after the CEO of a company promising to supply the technology changed his mind.

Can a chatbot earn a JD? This one averaged C-plus on law school exams

An artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT averaged a C-plus on exams at the University of Minnesota Law School, according to four law professors who gave it a try.

Anti-discrimination laws are faltering in the face of artificial intelligence; here’s what to do about it

“On the basis of.” These four words from the Civil Rights Act of 1964 underlie the modern conception of illegal bias. From federal anti-discrimination statutes to state and local laws, this phrase nearly unites them all.

Artificial intelligence companies are accused of violating copyrights for artwork and photos

Legal actions filed on behalf of artists and stock photo company Getty Images claim that artificial intelligence companies are violating the plaintiffs’ copyrights by using their images and metadata to train AI software.

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